Providing lightbar comparable high beam output

Narva have developed purpose-built LED globes to provide a super powerful output for high beam use only.
The new LED globes offer an incredible light output of up to 12000 lumens (per pair), with a light beam reaching 300 metres at one lux – performance similar to that of a 14-inch 5W LED light bar – but without the inconvenience of installing a light bar with wiring, switches or a mountable bull/nudge bar.
This light output is produced in a crisp white 6000K and creates up to two times the beam width of standard halogen globes.
With up to 25 times more life than a standard globe and extreme durability, thanks to no filament or moving parts, Narva says its new high beam LED globes will be a fit and forget option for any suitable vehicle, and that drivers can retain standard halogen globes in their low beam lights should they desire.
A removable locator ring, external driver and 360° adjustable globe orientation (for H7 fitment) allow the globes to be easily retrofitted at home. Narva’s High Beam LED globe kits (as a pair) are available in HB3, H7, H8/9/11 fitments from leading stockists.

Narva develops third generation LED headlight conversion kits
In other globe news from Narva, the company has released its Gen III Performance LED headlight conversion kits, which offer significant upgrades over previous Gen II Performance LED globes.
According to inhouse Narva testing, per kit the latest release produces up to 70 percent more effective lumens and 30 percent more low beam distance, as well as a broader high beam output compared to its predecessor.
When compared to the standard halogen globes fitted to many vehicles, Narva says this represents up to 300 percent brighter output and a light beam that’s 60 metres longer (low beam).
In addition to performance improvements, the Gen III LED globes feature updated circuitry and vibration resistance to make them even more reliable. Compared to halogen globes, Narva says owners should expect 30 times longer life from the latest kits.
In spite of these performance upgrades, Narva says the Gen III globes will cost the same as previous Gen II globes. The latest kits are available in H1, H4, HB3, HB4, H7, H8/9/11 and HIR2 fitments.
The new Gen III globes and High-Beam LED globes can be purchased from leading automotive and 4×4 stockists.

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