Carbon Offroad will exhibit a range of products at AAAExpo, including the new Carbon MegaPro Hitch

The Carbon MegaPro Hitch is manufactured from high grade 6061 T6 Aluminium and is carefully CNC machined to a beautiful finish, then it is anodised in a high-grade Type 3 Hard Anodised finish which Carbon Offroad says allows for years of trouble free use. 
The Carbon MegaPro Tow Hitch receiver is a multi-fit recovery point allowing for five different mounting orientations to suit all types of 50mm receiver hitches, whether they are shallow or deep style.
The hitch also can be used for both soft and hard shackles, with its smooth radius edges for soft shackles and a flat internal section for bow shackles.
Not every company likes to share their test data, but it always makes for an interesting read. 
Shown here is the Carbon MegaPro Hitch mounted to the test machine at Mechtest in Brisbane. 
Carbon Offroad says you will notice that the hitch is still in one piece with a slight deformation from the mounting anchor pin bending then eventually snapping in half. 

Before the pin snapped it saw 19,833kg (almost 20 Tonne). Now, at an educated guess, Carbon Offroad says we will probably see figures in the high 35 to 40 Tonne range if it is able to get a pin to hold up in the test.
The Carbon MegaPro Hitch retails for $69.99RRP and is available for purchase online and at Carbon Dealers around the country.
The Carbon Offroad stand (P35) at the Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAExpo) will feature not only the Carbon MegaPro Hitch but also its new line up of Carbon Scout Pro Winches in the XD Series with a new 15,000lb winch tailored to the larger 4WD market of Dodge Rams, 79 series Landcruisers, Chevy Silverado’s and alike.
Carbon Offroad will also have a new 12,000lb winch with a bigger seven hp motor and also a “super fast” 9000lb winch in the same series on show.
While visiting the Carbon Offroad stand, you will also be able to take a look at its new range of 4×4 suspension catering for the modern dual cab and full size 4WD market focused on height adjustable monotube shock design.
Visit Carbon Offroad at the AAAExpo at Stand P35.

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