Designed to safeguard the longevity, efficiency, and reliability of hybrid vehicle batteries

Ryco, which says it is “always at the forefront of filtration technology,” has released new Hybrid Battery Air Filters which have been designed to remove dirt and contaminants before they enter the battery’s air-cooling system
It says while many may not be aware that their hybrid vehicle has a battery air filter, which needs to be replaced with every logbook service or 20,000km, it is essential to safeguarding the longevity, efficiency, and reliability of your hybrid battery system.
Ryco explains that the new filter ensures only clean and cool air is supplied to the battery system, with a high dust holding capacity preventing even the worst of dust levels infiltrating the cooling system, all while retaining that all important new vehicle warranty protection.
Prolonged exposure to airborne contaminants causes clogging of the battery cell air passages, increasing their internal temperature, reducing charge capacity and traction battery life.
This can also be a consequence of not servicing and letting the filters clog up. Ryco says using these new filters prevents that from happening sooner.
The entire Ryco Hybrid Battery Filter range is made from a flame-retardant synthetic fibre that traps particles and will reportedly reduce dust build-up in the battery air system.
By making sure that a build-up of dust is prevented from entering the battery, Ryco says this will mean that the temperature is kept within tolerance by the vehicle’s cooling system and will prevent damage to the battery system by reducing its chances of overheating.
Full product specification sheets can be downloaded from the Ryco website. This range is now available through all good Ryco stockists.

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