Recently introduced, the new battery monitor provides accurate and real-time battery level tracking

With state of charge, time remaining, and current flow at your fingertips, REDARC says its new Smart Battery Monitor is the perfect addition to your 12V power systems.
By the time Friday rolls around, all every weekend warrior can think about is packing up and heading to their favourite local campsite, however this is a lot harder than it sounds.
On top of ensuring the fridge is full, the camping gear is packed, and the car has fuel, you’re not going to get too far without fully charged batteries.
This is where REDARC says it comes in, stating you can enjoy the outdoors knowing that your power is taken care of with its new Smart Battery Monitor.
Having full visibility on what your power system is doing is crucial when you’re going off grid.
Being able to see how many days of power you have left or how much power you are pulling at any time means you are in complete control.
When you are relying on battery power to keep food cold and devices charged, running out of power can mean a quick and stressful end to an otherwise great trip.
REDARC says you can now step into every adventure with complete confidence, thanks to “the most precise battery monitor on the market.”
“At up to five times more accurate than the leading competitor, you can trust the Smart Battery Monitor to give you real-time information that you can rely on,” REDARC says.
At the same time, REDARC explains that its RedVision app offers “unrivalled accuracy on secondary battery information” straight to your phone, including state of charge, charge remaining and charging current.
With simplified UI features, one touch battery information and Bluetooth 5.1, REDARC states Smart Battery Monitor features over four times the range and twice the transfer speed of leading competitors.
Compatible with common chargers and battery types, REDARC chargers and RedVision enabled products, the Smart Battery Monitor is designed for installation that is as quick as it is easy.
The REDARC Smart Battery Monitor is DIY friendly, requiring just three connection points for an effortless addition to your existing 12V setup.
With the Smart Battery Monitor, the complete REDARC power solution is unlocked.
With its products, REDARC says you can power your fridge, lights, tools, and charge electronics, with REDARC’s range of solutions making sure your batteries are always charged. ​
“Australian made and backed by rigorous vibration testing, the Smart Battery Monitor won’t let you down when the road gets rough,” says REDARC.
Like all REDARC Products, Smart Battery Monitor is backed by REDARC’s industry leading technical support team, and two-year hassle-free replacement warranty.
Smart, user-friendly and accurate, REDARC says the Smart Battery Monitor is the ultimate choice for reliable and accurate battery monitoring regardless of your setup, helping you focus more on adventure and less on battery level stress.

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