Roadsafe says stringent local testing ensures its shock absorber quality, safety and reliability

The high quality Roadsafe shock absorber range for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and four-wheel-drives enters the Australian automotive aftermarket after stringent local testing, research and development.
Roadsafe STR covers replacement Shock Absorbers for passenger vehicles and daily drives, while Roadsafe 4WD is a performance suspension enhancement for 4WD vehicles suited up to a 50mm lift.
While many suspension component manufacturers and marketers talk about local testing, Roadsafe says few conduct product quality and validation tests to the level that Roadsafe’s Victorian based testing team does with every product offered.
All Roadsafe product testing is conducted in a dedicated Research and Design facility located in the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, along with the use of local sealed and unsealed roads.
This purpose-built facility supports the ongoing development and testing of Roadsafe suspension and chassis products.
All Roadsafe product testing includes Visual Quality Inspections that focus on Welding quality, alignment, paint finish, thread quality and rubber quality.
Further dyno testing incorporates durability testing, gas pressure and drag testing, valving forces and speed tests.
The rigorous Roadsafe testing regime also includes Vehicle Fitment Testing to ensure correct mounting, maximum drop allowance, maximum lift allowance, droop, fouling issues and vehicle body clearance.
Roadsafe explains that it also ensures its entire shock absorber product range is also On Road Tested.
Factors such as driver feel using actual road data, steering response / cornering, acceleration, braking and corrugation road testing are included. These are all integral parts of this detailed evaluation process.
In addition to all the research and development testing to ensure total quality control, Roadsafe explains it also conducts batch testing, running its exhaustive tests on a percentage of units from every part number order received.
This includes comparing the physical product to the engineering drawing, visual inspections of all welding and bracketry, visual inspections of chrome finishes and paint, dynamometer testing including gas pressures, along with durability and valve force measurements. Additional vehicle testing is also carried out when required.
The Roadsafe technical facility is integral for more than product testing, design, and research. It also enables Roadsafe to constantly design and develop new automotive chassis and suspension component parts specifically to suit the Australian automotive aftermarket.
The new Roadsafe shock absorber range is available from Burson Auto Parts and other quality independent auto parts resellers nationwide.

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