From Noco

Noco says it is proud to introduce the next generations of air compressors with an all new design that offers safe, automatic inflation with refined power and speed, all within a small, portable footprint.
The NOCO AIR20 is a 12-volt, 20-amp portable air compressor with a 280-watt motor rated at a maximum pressure of 100 PSI.
The AIR20 utilises advanced motor and airflow design in an unbelievably compact form. Noco says it offers “uncompromising performance, as it runs longer, fills faster, and is infinitely better.”
With its “unmatched” quality, AIR20 is solid metal, with heavy duty power coating and anti-vibration rubber base.
Noco invites you to experience the unparalleled speed and efficiency of a 280-watt motor seamlessly inflating tyres from 0 to 40 PSI in an astonishingly swift 2.5 minutes. Or quickly topping off (35-40 PSI) low tyres in less than 30 seconds.
Noco says its superior duty cycle simply does more work than comparable inflators by allowing continuous operation for 15 minutes.
Coupled with its fast inflation, it can fully inflate four tyres from 0-40 PSI in one duty cycle.
It is said to be perfect for various applications with tyre pressures up to 80 PSI, like cars (30-40 PSI), SUVs (30-45 PSI), motorcycles (24-40 PSI), ATVs (5-15 PSI), UTVs (5-20 PSI), lawnmowers (10-30 PSI), trailers (35-60 PSI), light-duty trucks (30-50 PSI) and more.
AIR20 also features Smart pressure technology – an integrated pressure sensor and innovative dwell technology pause and resume inflation as the pump reaches its set pressure.
It automatically shuts off while monitoring and measures pressure without over-inflating, providing precision accuracy.
Additionally, the manual mode covers applications below 15 PSI and an intuitive digital display allows accurate pressure settings from 15 to 80 PSI, selection between PSI, kPa, and bar pressure measurements, and selection of various flashlight modes, including SOS.
With its rugged portable design, integrated cord management, dedicated slots for accessories, and ultra-compact size, it can easily be stored, ready to take on whatever you do.
The AIR20 20-Amp Portable Air Compressor comes with an integrated three foot braided abrasion-resistant inflation hose, a 20 foot power cord with heavy-duty micro clamps, multiple adapters such as Presta Valve, Needle, and Inflatable Toy adapter, along with a Microfiber storage bag to store the full AIR20 kit.

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