More than just a stop leak solution

Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets are reportedly used by many OEM auto and truck manufacturers as both a supplement and preventative for cooling systems during assembly.
Rislone says the use of these tablets ensure there is no coolant seepage due to manufacturing tolerances of cooling system parts.
Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets are now available in Australia for fleet managers, collision repairers and consumers.
Rislone says they are a great addition to regular cooling system maintenance programs for fleet, a perfect additive when installing a new radiator as part of a collision repair, and of course handy to keep in the glovebox in case of an emergency.
Rislone Radiator Stop Leak Cooling System Supplement Tablets inhibit the formation of rust and scale, neutralise pH imbalances, control electrolysis, lubricate the water pump seal and seal both internal, external and coolant-to-oil leaks.
They also enhance the use of antifreeze, or can be used in plain water – however, when used in water, Rislone says it is also recommended to add a cooling system anti-rust and extra water pump lubricant.
Further, Rislone says the tablets are quick to dissolve and are safe to use on all plastic, metal, hoses and connections found in a cooling system.
Rislone says the tablets boast a professional strength formula which works with all types and colours of antifreeze coolant including conventional, extended life, waterless and straight water.
It states there is no need to drain the cooling system, unless it is particularly dirty with scale and rust build up, explaining the tablets are fast working and in most cases the leak will be sealed in as little as 15-20 minutes of idle/driving time.
If the leak is not sealed, Rislone says you can simply add another application. One pack treats systems up to 15 litres at a dosage of one tablet per three litres of cooling system capacity.

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