The company will henceforth be known as Niterra Australia

NGK Spark Plug Australia, a leading supplier of automotive and technical ceramics, has announced that it has changed its name to Niterra Pty Ltd Australia.
The name change came into effect on the 1st of April 2023, and reflects the company’s expanded focus on providing innovative solutions that extend beyond Ignition Parts and Automotive as a whole.
Niterra Australia says it will continue to provide customers with the same high-quality products and services that they have come to expect from the company.
The company’s new name, Niterra, is a combination of Latin words “Niteo” meaning “to shine” and “Terra” meaning “Earth,”
“Over the years, NGK Spark Plug Australia has built a strong reputation as a trusted supplier of spark plugs, sensors and other ignition parts, but our business has evolved to offer a wider range of products and services,” Niterra Australia Managing Director, Kakeru Morii, said.
“The new name, Niterra Australia, better reflects our future direction of becoming a company that contributes to a sustainable society and brightens the entire global environment.”
The name change will not affect the company’s operations or its ownership, and the company says customers can continue to rely on Niterra Australia for the same high level of service and quality products they have come to expect.
The brand names for Ignition Parts, Sensors, and other Ceramic-related products, “NGK” and “NTK,” will also remain unchanged.
Niterra Australia states it is a dynamic technology company that specialises in providing innovative solutions to the Automotive and Medical industries.
In the automotive industry, Niterra Australia offers a range of automotive components and technical ceramics. More information about the range is available at
Niterra Australia says its commitment to quality, strong heritage and providing innovative solutions is reflected in its products and services.

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