The company is a dedicated supporter of Australian motorsport, and its customers are reaping the rewards

Over the years, Nulon has actively been involved in various motorsport categories from grassroots events that support the weekend racer all the way through to the pinnacle of Australian motorsport – Supercars.
From a motorsport perspective, Nulon Marketing Manager Tom Murray says 2022 is a moving year for the lubricant company, as it has switched up gears with its involvement in multiple motorsport categories – increasing its presence and exposure with new partnerships.
“Partnering with HMO Racing in TCR Australia has been a first this year for Nulon and in our first full year as a team sponsor, we certainly feel the category is growing and look forward to future successes with both the HMO team and the category as a whole,” Tom said.
“This year we also stepped up our involvement with Team 18 in the Repco Supercars Championship.
“While this is our third year partnering with the team, we have been fortunate this year to secure naming rights for Scott Pye’s Car 20 as Nulon Racing – a big step forward for our brand and an exciting opportunity to work with Team 18 in a new way.”
For Nulon, the benefits of these partnerships are clear, not only for its business, but for its customers too.
“Having been actively involved in grassroots and previously other categories such a V8 Utes, the current step-up is part of a longer-term plan to drive the Nulon brand forward in a new and exciting way,” Tom said.
“Nulon is a premium lubricant company, so it makes absolute sense to showcase our brand and superior products at the highest levels of Australian motorsport in the most extreme and demanding conditions, and to be successful.”
Nulon is proud to develop some of the highest performing lubricants anywhere. Its team is passionate about the brand and committed to delivering excellence to the company’s customers.
“The Nulon Product, Technical and R&D team work with our motorsport partners, testing lubricant and product performance in various conditions and further developing our products,” Tom said.
“This means that ultimately all of our products used and tested in Motorsport are available for the everyday driver so we can certainly stand behind their performance.
“Since the earliest days of our involvement, we have continuously developed our product range and drawing upon Nulon’s vast expertise and technical resources, have developed a new range of engine oils – Nulon APEX+ engine oils.
“This new range represents a major step forward in performance – with many of the products expected to be used in motorsport applications.”

Event 5 of the Repco Supercars Championship, Winton, Victoria, Australia. 21 May 2022

Nulon’s product-enhancing Supercars exposure even pre-dates its current formal relationships.
“For a number of years prior to our active involvement in Supercars, Nulon had been a lubricant supplier to teams and engine builders alike,” Tom explained.
“In fact, it was watching these teams perform and succeed in the biggest and most gruelling race conditions that was the impetus for our brand to take the next step.”
Even when things don’t go to plan, Nulon is making the most of the opportunities its partnerships offer.
“Motorsport is fun, fast, exciting and almost always unpredictable. In 2022 we have seen some great race results for the Nulon Racing team and Scott has had some great drives to put the Nulon Racing Commodore near the front of the pack,” Tom said.
“However, the unpredictability of racing can also lead to unexpected and undesirable results, but as they say, ‘that’s racing!’
“Where we have seen adversity, we have responded well and used that adversity as opportunity to leverage our brand involvement. 
“The Perth event in March was a great example of this, when in our first event as Nulon Racing the car was severely and spectacularly damaged on lap one.
“At the time it was disappointing for all involved, however the way the incident unfolded caused a great deal of conversation and at Nulon we saw an opportunity to leverage the incident and develop behinds the scenes digital content for the re-build of the Nulon Racing Commodore which was very positively received by our audiences.
“In what we hope is now the post-COVID era, we are using every opportunity available to us to bring our partners, customers and fans to events providing them with great race day experiences such as hot laps, pit tours, grid walks, driver meets and more.
“For sure having a motorsport platform helps to provide a different and entertaining way to engage with all of our stakeholders which can bring business benefits, but it’s also about having some fun too.”
Tom says that Nulon is unlike most other brands in the automotive aftermarket, and certainly within the lubricants space.
“Of course, we want to be successful in all we do, but at the same time we want to have some fun along the way and not be afraid to challenge the status quo,” Tom said.

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