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JAS Oceania Technical, Training and Quality Control Manager, Paul Keenan, explains that the LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay 12/24V product ((LV4505) is a game-changer – providing an ignition source anywhere quickly, easily and safely, while being “practically Plug’n’Play.”
Paul says the LV Alternator Sensing Ignition Relay from the Australian Auto Electrical Specialist has a compact design, with the same footprint as a five-pin mini relay and is ECU safe. Plus, it says it removes the headache of dealing with a CANBUS system for an ignition source.
The product is said to be unique in that it differs from VRS (Voltage Sensing Relays) as its input trigger is sourced by the frequency of the alternator, sensing the ripple produced as the alternator charges.
This feature overcomes the issue of modern vehicles that have smart alternators, whose charge voltage drops below 12.8 (cut-out voltage of VSR) when the battery is fully charged.
These modules can be mounted in a caravan to operate a DC-DC without the need to run ignition wiring through to the towing vehicle, sensing the frequency as far away as 50 metres.
It also has the added flexibility, if so required, to connect in the same way to operate as a VSR. For example, wiring to a generated circuit that doesn’t produce a ripple.

Key features and benefits:
• Multi-modal: this single unit has several modes of operation; it can be frequency operated, voltage sensing and manually turned on or off remotely.
• Flexible uses: the unit can be used as a controlling device to switch large amperage relays, giving the customer complete flexibility in how they use the product.
• Varied applications: it will supply a ready solution for daytime running lights, DC to DC converters and beacons and comes with a three-year warranty.
• Simple and easy installation: it can be installed with as little as three wires and is a sturdy, solid-state construction with no moving parts. It also offers zero risk to CAN or ECU lines.
• Reduces risk: there is no need to locate an ignition source for accessories under dashes or in engine bays. It eliminates warranty issues with vehicle manufacturers.
• Save time and money: easy installation saves time in labour costs running long cables to activate accessories in the rear of vehicles or trailers.
Paul said, “the aim of the LV Automotive brand is to be a trusted leader in the Australian market for quality and reliability, offering the latest technology and durable components. This latest product reinforces the value and quality of our own-branded product.”

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