The team enjoyed the opportunity to talk about these new concepts at the AAAExpo

In the lead-up to this year’s Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo (AAAExpo), the PARts DB team presented its inaugural Seller Data Quality Award in recognition of outstanding brand catalogue and product data as voted by aftermarket sellers.
“We’ve been working towards creating some sort of formal industry recognition since we started PARts DB,” PARts Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Jim Gurieff, said.
The top five recipient brands for the PARts 2024 Seller Data Quality award were Bosch, Monroe, Nolathane, Ryco and Whiteline.
PARts says each provided exemplary content while leading the way in integrity, accuracy, timeliness, completeness, best practices while delivering proprietary specific data to the seller.
It states this was only possible by recognising strong two-way data share partnerships, and explains this is where the new PARts Herd service can help.
PARts explains that “this unique product data service acknowledges the efficiency of standards and then uses specialised data templates to help sellers communicate their data quality expectations.”
“We built Herd to connect the market. Sellers set expectations for product and category information, and suppliers get a clear understanding of the quality of their data when compared to others in the market, or ‘the Herd’,” PARts Head of Operations, Tom Parish, said.
Tom elaborated that Herd begins with sellers publishing their expectations through PARts Console. These expectations outline fitment, specification, and descriptions, applied to categories ranging from performance brakes to spark plugs and even consumables.
Suppliers select the seller’s template and evaluate their own data’s quality through this lens. Any field that a seller has marked as either Mandatory, Suggested or Optional is highlighted through PARts Console accordingly to make data quality improvement fast and simple.
Some sellers are using PARts Herd to communicate their minimum expectation, while further tailoring allows for efficient communication of seller specific additional IP.
Comprehensive reporting is included with data exports supported for subscriber customers, however, any PARts participating brand can see where the Herd is located.
Another key talking point at the AAAExpo for PARts was its exclusive PARts Plus program, which PARts explains recognises the importance of high-quality data to effectively compete with OE.

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