The latest addition to the Pedders GVM+ program is the popular new 2021-onwards Isuzu MU-X

Pedders Suspension and Brakes, an Australian family-owned business, is continuing to expand its product offering in the towing and load-carrying space with a heavy emphasis on safety.
As more and more Aussies load up their 4x4s with accessories, equipment and trailers that are tailored to make their vehicles a home away from home, businesses like Pedders have an obligation to educate consumers on the effects of weight on their vehicles.
It is no surprise that adding weight to a vehicle reduces its braking performance and increases it’s stopping distance, however it also reduces handling capability, creates wheel alignment issues and irregular tyre wear, and puts a strain on the vehicle’s suspension and driveline.
This is where the Pedders GVM+ program comes in. Pedders offers a range of GVM+ Upgrade packages to suit popular 4x4s and Utes that – via a second stage manufacturer license and engineering certification – provide a boost in certified GVM rating and Payload capacity.
These upgrades to suspension and often the braking system, plus axles, have been engineered to safely carry additional weight over and above OEM specification.
The benefit to the consumer is peace of mind that they have additional load-carrying capacity for things like dual batteries, water tanks, fridges and other touring items, plus they remain legal in all states and territories of Australia.

The latest addition to the Pedders GVM+ program is the popular new 2021-onwards Isuzu MU-X. After the Pedders GVM+ upgrade, the MU-X is certified with a 3200kg GVM rating, which equals a boost in Payload capacity of up to 400kg.
Pedders offers GVM+ Upgrades pre-registration on brand-new vehicles as well as post-registration on vehicles that have already been registered, and the range of vehicles is always expanding. With the new MU-X kit now in market, the team at Pedders are working on GVM+ Upgrade kits for the 2022 Ford Ranger, Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series and other new 4x4s.
Pedders’ commitment to safe towing and load-carrying doesn’t stop with GVM+ Upgrades – the business is now investing heavily in braking systems and innovative new brake products.
Pedders offers a range of brake upgrade solutions for popular 4x4s and Utes, from performance rotors and brake pads right through to complete brake replacement packages like the Pedders Rear Drum to Disc Conversion for dual-cab utes and the Big Front Brake Kit.
When combined, Pedders says a Pedders brake upgrade and GVM+ kit provide a total towing and load-carrying undercar solution that’s fit for purpose and designed to handle heavy loads.

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