4WD owners require different suspension options to best suit their needs

Whether you’re tackling tough off-road tracks, towing heavy loads, or simply daily driving and doing the school drop-off, Pedders says it has a range of leaf springs that tick all the boxes.
It says its Parabolic Leaf Springs and Traditional Leaf Springs both have key benefits.
Pedders says its Parabolic Leaf Spring range is ideal for drivers seeking improved ride comfort and better off-road capability.
Pedders Parabolic Leaf Springs can adjust based on your driving conditions and will maintain ride comfort while navigating through town or the city.
Even while not carrying weight or heavy loads, Parabolic Leaf Springs are said to provide a smooth and comfortable ride thanks to its reduced leaf count – which results in a much lighter product – and tapered design, which provides flexibility and improved articulation, all while still being capable of maintaining high load-carrying ability.
Pedders TrakRyder Leaf Springs meanwhile is a more traditional option, tried and tested through time, and perfect for heavy-duty needs, says Pedders.
Available in 300kg, 400kg, and 600kg constant load designs, TrakRyder leaf springs cater to a wide range of 4×4 and 2WD vehicles.
From everyday workhorse vehicles to large commercial trucks, Pedders says TrakRyder Leaf Springs are a reliable option for tough and rugged terrain with heightened off-road performance.
Featuring Interleaf Friction Pads and redesigned spring rates, this design minimises noise while strengthening load-carrying ability.
Further, Pedders says strength and flexibility is a standout with these springs, which are manufactured using High-Grade steel for reliability and longevity.
Pedders explains that the difference between the two comes down to design and intended purpose.
Parabolic Leaf Springs may feature fewer leaves, but are perfect for mixed scenarios, improved comfort, and a much quieter ride while not compromising load capacity.
Whereas TrakRyder Leaf Springs are available in various Constant Load Designs, built for a specific purpose.
When choosing what is best for you, Pedders encourages you to think about your needs and what kind of driving you do.
It states the Pedders range of Leaf Springs will ensure that you find the best option for your requirements, with a suspension solution ready to take you on your next adventure.

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