Playing a vital role in controlling engine temperature in a wide range of climatic conditions

Penrite says it offers the most comprehensive and complete range of engine coolants on the market today.
Coolants are not just a coloured water inside the radiator, they play a vital role in controlling the temperature of an engine in a wide range of climatic conditions.
Most new vehicles are filled with an Ant-Freeze Anti Boil solution containing glycols and inhibitors that raise the boiling point, lower the freezing point and prevent internal corrosion of the engine and cooling system components. These fluids maintain a steady temperature whilst dissipating heat from the engine.
For an initial factory fill in a new vehicle, coolant concentration is generally around the 50 percent level.
Penrite says its OEM approved pre-mixed coolants were the first coolants in the aftermarket to be mixed at this concentration ratio, stating that this allows them to match the concentration of the original OEM product and therefore make the ideal product to top up a system or to replace the original product when servicing is required.
Penrite’s approved Red OEM Coolant, Green OEM Coolant and Blue OEM coolant are available in both concentrate and premix form in a variety of sizes from one Litre to 1000 Litre including in Penrite’s exclusive Envirobox 20 Litre packaging that is said to reduce land fill by as much as 85 percent.
Penrite has also introduced a new Power Sports Coolant Premix to its range which provides Anti-Freeze Anti Boil protection and low toxicity compared to normal glycol based coolants.
The new Power Sports Coolant has been especially formulated to provide protection for sports machinery such as off road Motorcycles, UTVs, Jet Skis, Snow Mobiles, and Marine engines with closed loop cooling systems. It is premixed at 50 percent concentrate and 50 percent de-mineralised water and does not require any further dilution. Penrite says its Propylene Glycol base has a lower toxicity than either Mono Ethylene or Di-ethylene glycols and is therefore much safer for the environment should spillage occur, whether on land or in a marine habitat.
Penrite also manufactures a range of Type “B” coolants (Inhibitor Only) that are suitable for many applications where an Anti-Freeze Anti Boil type coolant is not required, such as in road competition and in older vehicles.
Penrite 10 Tenths Racing Coolant is race proven, being the coolant used in the Penrite Racing Erebus V8 Supercar that won the 2017 Bathurst 1000. It is said to provide superior heat transfer to lower running temperatures and long lasting corrosion protection. It is now available as a Premix blended with demineralised water that can be used directly out of the bottle, providing a further level of protection for users where water quality is questionable for mixing coolants, especially in remote areas.
For those that just want long life corrosion protection, Penrite offers both a Green and a Red Radiator Corrosion inhibitor that will last up to 100,000kms. One x one Litre bottle will make up to 20 litres of coolant which also makes it extremely economical to use where corrosion protection and superior heat transfer for reduction of operating temperature is required.
Penrite also has a Classic Car Coolant that provides long life corrosion protection and is undyed to prevent engine and coolant system staining in older and more fragile machines.
Penrite also has servicing aids such as Radiator Flush to clean the cooling system and neutralise old coolants and inhibitors as well as Coolant Test Strips to test the concentration, alkalinity and pH levels of a vehicle’s coolant. Penrite can also supply Demineralised water for mixing coolants or topping up batteries.
Penrite says the Penrite Product Selector is located on its web page or can be downloaded as a smartphone app to assist you to find the correct product for your application.

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