A new Permatex product selector tool has been released

ITW Polymers and Fluids says its Permatex Gasket Product Selector is a powerful tool that is set to redefine mechanics’ approach to their work by offering an efficient and intuitive system to pinpoint the most suitable products for every scenario.
ITW Polymers and Fluids says it is a global innovator, specialising in adhesives, lubricants, additives, and car care products for general industry and the automotive aftermarket.
The company explains that it distinguishes itself from the competition through its commitment to innovation and delivery of high-quality, branded products.
With a strong focus on specific niche opportunities for customers who value unique, differentiated product solutions, ITW Polymers and Fluids says it has long been considered a market leader.
Those behind the company says the launch of the Permatex Gasket Product Selector is a reflection of this commitment to innovation and excellence.
The tool is designed to offer mechanics an easy-to-use system for selecting the right gasket products for every job.
With detailed tutorials and walkthroughs, the Permatex Product Selector aims to demystify the product selection process and empower mechanics to provide the best possible service to their clients​.
“We have always been dedicated to offering the best tools and products to our mechanics,” Permatex Australia Product Manager, Thomas Katsoulas, said.
“The Permatex Gasket Product Selector epitomises this commitment. This revolutionary tool will change how mechanics choose their gasket products, saving them precious time and ensuring the most accurate product match for every unique situation.
“The Permatex Gasket Product Selector is more than just a tool, it represents our vision of equipping mechanics with the resources they need to deliver unrivalled service.
“We are excited to witness the significant impact it will have on the industry.”
Permatex is inviting all mechanics to explore the benefits of the Permatex Gasket Product Selector and to discover “the transformative potential” it holds.

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