A Formula 4×4 lift kit is available for this formidable off-road vehicle

The Formula 4×4 lift kit for the Tank 300 provides a substantial two inches of lift, offering increased ground clearance and the ability to accommodate larger tyres, essential for navigating challenging off-road terrains.
The Formula 4×4 lift kit comes complete with upgraded Formula 4×4 front and rear shocks, front and rear springs tailored to specific weight requirements, and extended rear Sway Bar links.
These components ensure optimal performance and prevent rear axle interference during full droop.
The kit also offers additional optional upgrades, including upper control arms, hard rods, trailing arms, upgraded sway bars, and airbags.
For those seeking top-tier shock options, the Formula 4×4 F4R remote res shocks provide three-way adjustment for high-speed compression, low-speed compression, and rebound, allowing for fine-tuning based on individual preferences.
The Formula 4×4 lift kit is engineered in Australia, specifically designed to meet the demands of the Tank 300. All kits undergo rigorous testing, both off-road and on-road, ensuring they withstand the diverse conditions of the Australian terrain.
Formula 4×4 says it prioritises comfort in its shock’ design, ensuring a smooth and peaceful ride for all occupants. The shocks are meticulously crafted with the diverse needs of Australian drivers in mind and have a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty.
There is a significant size difference between the Formula 4×4 shocks and the Tank 300 OEM shocks, especially in terms of “Bore size.” The larger Bore size allows for increased oil capacity, resulting in superior cooling efficiency and improved shock performance over challenging terrains.
Formula 4×4 says a visual comparison between regular lift kits and the Adjustable Remote res (F4R) Shocks highlights the substantial size difference between the regular lift kit shocks and the F4R adjustable remote res shocks.
It says the increased size promises a more significant upgrade over factory shocks, enhancing overall off-road capabilities.
Unlike standard OEM suspension, Formula 4×4 says the Tank 300 equipped with the Formula 4×4 lift kit demonstrates superior control, making off-road tracks, dirt trails, and even mud paths more manageable. It states the suspension efficiently absorbs ruts and undulations, significantly reducing the harshness typically experienced with conventional setups.
To complement the Formula 4×4 lift kit for the Tank 300, Fulcrum Suspension offers essential add-ons tailored to optimise performance and address potential issues.
Upper control arms play a crucial role in correcting tyre wear by ensuring proper wheel alignment.
Further, optional extras include Panhard Rod and Trailing Arms, Upgraded Sway Bars and Airbags for load management.

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