The WeatherVision LED has been introduced

Designed to colour match halogen bulbs but jam-packed with LED performance technology, Philips says its Ultinon WeatherVision LED delivers the classic warmth of a 3500k light while providing up to 150 percent more light on the road for better visibility.
With the reliability you would expect from one of the world’s top 50 global brands known for its lighting innovation, Philips says its Ultinon WeatherVision bulbs are meticulously manufactured to OEM standards and are fitted with quality Lumileds LED chips.
Philips Sales and Business Development Manager ANZ, Reece Walker, says the compact design of the range makes it a great plug and play alternative to halogen.
“Similar to our Ultinon Access product range, WeatherVision LEDs feature an easy to fit centre ring the same size as a halogen making them compatible with a wide range of car makes and models,” Reece said.
Projecting an elegant, halogen-like glow at 3500 Kelvin, Ultinon WeatherVision reportedly gives vehicles a timeless style while offering the extra brightness of LED.
Philips says this translates to more comfortable vision in difficult weather conditions, such as rain and fog, thanks to reduced glare.
Ultinon WeatherVision LED bulbs are equipped with high-luminance and a powerful light engine that shine significantly brighter than competitor products of its category.
The bulbs have been manufactured with a precision LED focal position, replicating that of an OEM halogen, to ensure the light emits on the road where you need it, and not causing glare to oncoming drivers.
Powerful LEDs produce more heat, which can reduce light output and shorten bulb life. The best LED lamps manage heat effectively.
Philips says its Ultinon WeatherVision LEDs are equipped with AirCool, an advanced heat management system created by Philips, featuring an innovative heatsink design. AirCool dissipates heat fast, providing problem-free performance.
Similar to the newly launched Ultinon Access LED range, Ultinon WeatherVision come with Philips’ two-year, “no fuss” warranty and is available through Philips resellers nationwide.

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