From Australian Clutch Services

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) says it is a specialist in standard replacement and performance upgrade clutch kits and components for everything from passenger cars and trucks through to agricultural equipment and marine applications.
As a major supplier to the trade throughout Australia, New Zealand, the US and Europe, ACS says its range of clutch kits and components is one of the most comprehensive available anywhere in the world.
Alongside its range of clutch kits, accessories and hydraulics, ACS also offers specialist tools and equipment to support workshops.
Included in this tool program is the ACS Flywheel Grinder.
These machines are ideal for workshops and distribution outlets looking to expand their capabilities in their local market and take on new jobs whilst supporting their clutch sales.
The grinders on offer are manufactured in Italy and include features such as a powered head for ease of use, splash and safety guard, cooling plant with pump and settling tank and a variety of support components to allow for various flywheel designs.
The grinders have a maximum grinding diameter of 630mm making them suitable for most flywheels including heavy commercial.
ACS also offers a variety of optional accessories with the grinders including grinding stones, cutting tips, dressing wheels, pressure plate clamps, small hole flywheel adaptors and radius cutters.
“Our flywheel grinders are the ideal addition to businesses looking to expand their markets and take on new jobs in the industry,” ACS Sales Manager, Colin Jevons, said.
“Not only are they great for workshops that do a lot of clutch replacements allowing these to be completed in-house, but they also provide an opportunity to provide this service in their local market, resulting in an additional source of income.
“We have seen customers expand their sales of clutch kits after installing a flywheel grinder due to offering a one stop solution for mechanics in their area.”
ACS says that flywheel grinding is a vital part of the clutch installation process.
“Grinding the surface of the flywheel is an absolutely critical part of any clutch installation if reusing the existing flywheel,” Colin said.
“It provides a new surface for the friction disc to bed into and is vital to avoid issues with shudder or slipping when installing a new clutch.
“Grinding the flywheel surface ensures that the clutch can deliver optimal operational performance and drivability whilst limiting any chance of premature clutch failure or potential warranty issues.”
Also included in the ACS tool range are several specialist items, including Dual Clutch Transmission removal and installation tools which are available for hire through the ACS tool hire program.

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