To succeed, you must never stand still. This is the ethos behind Century Batteries’ success in Australia, having built its widely recognised blue and yellow batteries in Australia for over 95 years

It is no accident that Century make tough-as-nails batteries that are genuinely designed for Australian conditions – it has been researching and developing battery technology for the better part of a century, after all.
Century says its ongoing commitment to new product development and innovation has ensured that its batteries are better suited to Australia’s extreme climate and harsh conditions and continue to set new standards in design and performance.
The Century Batteries journey began in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria with the introduction of Century’s first ever lead acid battery.
From humble beginnings in 1928, the product range has evolved from using hard rubber battery cases to the introduction of Australia’s only locally made Sealed Maintenance Free battery range; designed and built right here in Australia.
Today, Century builds more than 1.2-million batteries annually in its Queensland manufacturing facility, before moving them across the country via its extensive distribution network and an army of more than 7,000 retailers.

Investing in Australian manufacturing
Century Automotive General Manager, Shaun O’Brien, said manufacturing in Australia has helped Century stand apart.
“Our batteries are designed and made for Australian conditions,” Shaun said.
“For over 95 years we have really honed the experience and knowledge needed to develop products that can withstand the harsh and unique Australian environment.
“The brand is trusted because it is made by Australians, for Australians.”
With a workforce of more than 500 employees, Century remains committed to manufacturing in Australia and supporting local jobs.
“We’re on track to achieve a ‘Century’ in business in 2028,” Shaun said.
“And we’re proud to say that we’ve been supporting our fellow Australians throughout our entire journey.
“We recognise the importance of supporting local and reinvesting into the local economy.
“We use locally sourced components such as lead from South Australia, recycled components from New South Wales, and plastics and signage from Queensland.
“We are proud to support local jobs and the local economy wherever we can.”


Century Batteries: looking to the future
As you may have guessed, Century hasn’t gotten to where it is by sitting still.
Each year, Century invests significantly in research, development, and upgrades to its manufacturing facility to ensure its batteries continue to meet the needs of the marketplace and the next generation of vehicles.
This year additional multimillion dollar investments have been approved to upgrade the Queensland manufacturing facility’s technology and machinery, with further investments slated in the years ahead.
A newly constructed storage building allows Century to hold a larger stockpile of battery plates in close proximity to manufacturing lines, while an additional large building extension allows several manufacturing processes to be consolidated together for a greatly improved workflow efficiency.
A two-stage upgrade of the Lead Oxide Mill and High Speed Wrapper machinery is also nearing completion, allowing the company to increase production output.
Century also takes its environmental obligations very seriously, with the finishing touches being put on its upgraded Trade Waste facility.
The system filters and treats all wastewater before it exits the site and boasts a 40 percent increase in storage capacity to ensure Century remains compliant during very large rain events.

Partnering with Century Batteries
Century says the benefit of building batteries in Australia means that it has a more consistent supply of locally held stock throughout the year when some other battery importers might be struggling with instabilities in the global shipping market.
In addition, Century explains that its network of 34 distribution centres across the country ensures that there is a dynamic supply of stock to service your business and help your customers.
Century’s comprehensive nationwide warranty also means that no matter where your customers travel across this vast land, support and assistance will be available locally should they require it.
In recent times Century has seen a resurgence of support for locally made products, with many consumers stating that they would be willing to pay more to purchase and support products which are Australian made – because the flow on effects for the Australian economy have never been more obvious.
Thanks in part to its Australian manufacturing facility, Century invests significantly into the local economy every year – with over 98 percent of components from its locally built battery range sourced from Australian suppliers.
To help your business keep pace with the latest changes and advancements in the automotive arena, Century says it also offers its partners access to a comprehensive online battery training program, regularly updated with the latest battery technology and training information to ensure your workshop is powered with the most up-to-date information and skills when it comes to batteries.
Century’s ‘Battery Finder’ portal also enables you to quickly choose the right battery for any vehicle, and even provides fitment instructions and a time estimate for the work – making it easy for you to produce quick and accurate quotes to your customers.
For more information on Century Yuasa’s extensive range of products and to understand how your business can benefit from becoming a stockist, contact your local Century Yuasa representative on 1300 362 287.

For more from Century, please visit www.centurybatteries.com.au