Clutch Industries gearing up to release the latest UniClutch product, UniClutch Track

Clutch Industries explains that April 2024 will mark a historic milestone for car enthusiasts and gearheads alike, as UniClutch – a pioneer in cutting-edge performance clutches – is gearing up to introduce its latest innovation, UniClutch Track.
In late 2023, UniClutch released their UniClutch and UniClutch Sport product through Repco and NAPA, which are already making waves in the industry. UniClutch Track aims to extend the reach providing a solution for motorsport segments such as drift, rally and endurance racing.
Meticulously engineered for precision and innovation, Clutch Industries says UniClutch Track promises to elevate the driving experience for those in pursuit of unparalleled performance without compromising on drivability.
At the core of the UniClutch Track’s design lies its revolutionary twin-disc clutch technology, which is said to be a game-changer in the realm of performance clutches.
The dual-disc design significantly expands the surface area, resulting in an unparalleled torque capacity when compared to conventional single-disc clutches.
Clutch Industries says this renders it the optimal choice for high-torque performance cars, ensuring optimal power transfer without the risk of slippage.
A standout feature of the UniClutch Track is its exceptional strength, reportedly boasting up to three times the durability of standard clutch systems.
Crafted from premium billet steel, this clutch is not only robust but also engineered to withstand the demands of high-performance driving.
The dual-core twin-disc technology integrated into the UniClutch enhances its torque capacity, pushing the limits of what a performance clutch can achieve.
UniClutch Track utilises cerametallic friction material on both discs, resulting in a substantial increase in torque capacity and improved thermal properties.
Despite the enhanced coefficient of friction from the cerametallic material, UniClutch prioritises drivability by incorporating dampening and cushioning features.
This innovative design ensures that car enthusiasts can unleash the full power of their vehicles without compromising on control.
Clutch Industries says UniClutch Track goes beyond raw power by incorporating Silent Shift Technology, a groundbreaking feature which reduces the annoying “rattle” often associated with high-performance clutches.
This product reportedly not only provides a smoother and more refined driving experience but also offers a lighter pedal effort, enhancing overall driver comfort while extending the clutch’s lifespan.
Further, Clutch Industries says flexibility and modularity are key strengths of the UniClutch system, making it an ideal choice for those undertaking engine or gearbox conversions.
The ability to tailor the clutch to specific gearboxes and engines through features like an adjustable spline and Flex Fit Flywheel Mount showcases UniClutch’s commitment to providing a versatile and customisable solution.
“This level of adaptability, typically requiring custom-engineered solutions, is a testament to the engineering prowess behind UniClutch,” Clutch Industries Sales and Marketing Manager, Justin Batten, said.
“In a market saturated with options, UniClutch Track stands out as a beacon of performance while retaining great drivability.
“Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a passionate car owner, UniClutch Track offers an unmatched combination of strength, precision, and adaptability.
“As April 2024 approaches, gearheads can anticipate a new era in performance driving, with UniClutch Track leading the charge in redefining the boundaries of what is possible on the road.
“Get ready to experience driving like never before – UniClutch Track is set to revolutionise the way we engage with the asphalt.”

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