Bosch has the answer for diagnostics and ups the ante on training

FSA 050
Workshop customers have high standards. So, if a vehicle has a problem, diagnosing the fault needs to be quick, thorough and affordable.
With vehicle systems and components becoming ever more complex and diverse, Bosch says workshops are best equipped to conduct quick and efficient repair and maintenance on customer vehicles with its products.
Bosch says reliable analysis and diagnostics save unnecessary work on a vehicle, which can save both time and money; and workshops can make a lasting impression on new and existing customers while demonstrating their expertise using its modular diagnostics systems.
It states the FSA 050 is an important and simple diagnostic module for testing vehicles with electric and hybrid drive.
With the ability to work wirelessly, it is capable of performing multimeter functions such as voltage, resistance, capacitance, insulation and continuity tests, with measurements on the high voltage side up to 600 V (CAT IV1) as well as testing insulation resistance up to 200 GOhm at test voltages of 50 to 1,000 V.
The FSA 050 can be used in a variety of different ways, either as a device on its own for diagnostics of electric and hybrid vehicles, or as a special accessory for existing PC systems.
Thanks to its compact dimensions of 220 x 110 x 65 millimetres (H x W x D) and its weight of just under 600 grams, Bosch says the FSA 050 is suitable for every workshop.

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Automotive Technical Training 
With increasing numbers of hybrid and electric vehicles on our roads, all workshops need to have some understanding of the key components and vehicle architecture and as with any high voltage system, safe servicing procedures are also essential.
Bosch says an investment in training adds a competitive edge to any workshop focused on customer satisfaction, productivity and profitability.
It states its courses are delivered by highly skilled and experienced educators, who have the knowledge to provide professional training on the latest system innovations, diagnostic procedures and test equipment.
Further, having the appropriate training can give you access to the information of vehicle manufacturers’, allowing you to work safety and diagnose efficiently.
The new ‘Right to Repair’ legislation which became active on 1 July allows access to the manufacturers’ information, however Hybrid and Electric Vehicle information is excluded to those who have not completed recognised training, such as the ‘Bosch HEV101 – Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Systems’ training.  

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