From August, mycar will have 30 EV ready stores around Australia

mycar Managing Director, Adam Pay, says his business is working around the clock to ready for the coming car parc evolution.
“mycar is a people first business, and in order to remain our customer’s preferred servicing partner, we need to anticipate their future needs. That’s why we’ve been pursuing a leadership position in the EV servicing space,” Adam said.
“We’re investing heavily in rolling out support services for EV customers across Australia, initially with a select number of stores, and with a goal to scale the service across our network.
“From August 2022, we’ll have 30 EV ready stores around Australia. Not only are we shifting the mindset of our business so we can better support early EV adopters, we’re altering our store fit-outs and adding in-store EV chargers, providing personal protective equipment and tools for our technicians, and ensuring new safety requirements and standards are in place to protect both mycar team members and customers.
“Through the Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence, we’ve trained a dedicated team of technicians to serve in these locations. The program has been designed to ensure these technicians are ready to service any EV vehicle, no matter the make or model.”
mycar EV servicing will be complemented by all 276 mycar stores who are already able to assist EV owners with general requirements such as tyres and general inspections for vehicles, along with brakes, suspension, wipers and globes etc.
“The uptake of EVs is an evolution, not a revolution,” Adam said.
“There’s going to be petrol and diesel cars on Australian roads for many years to come. Our strategy is about ensuring we deliver the best service to all customers, whatever vehicle they own.
“Fixing cars and doing right by our customers is the lifeblood of our business, whether your vehicle is petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric.
“As a leader in automotive car care and supporting auto customers, we’ve a big role to play in growing Australia’s EV market and ensuring our customers have a trusted auto expert ready to deliver quality service, regardless of the vehicle they own.”
Contrary to popular belief, EVs still have many of the basic serving needs that petrol and diesel-powered vehicles do – such as tyres, brakes, suspension, wipers and so on.
“mycar is investing in solutions that enable us to better understand our customers’ needs and the demands of the wider market, EVs are a big part of this shift,” Adam said.
“What’s important to an EV owner can be somewhat different to that of a petrol or diesel car owner, but what’s crucial is to understand what your customer wants, regardless of technological disruption.
“Knowledge about EVs is the first step to incorporating an effective EV service and repair solution into our existing mycar stores.
“It’s crucial to implement tools and programs, train existing and new team members and provide industry information sessions alongside respected industry bodies like the AAAA to build industry understanding of EVs.”

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