Fully biodegradable and safe to use in sensitive environments from Lanotec

Australian-made Lanotec now brings to professional workshops a comprehensive range of industrial-strength preventative maintenance and degreasing products, with the non-petrochemical range proven in the field over the past 25 years.
Produced from lanolin, a naturally occurring product that protects sheep’s fleece from the worst of conditions, the Lanotec offering is fully biodegradable and safe to use in sensitive environments.
Leading the charge is Lanotec Heavy Duty lubricant and corrosion inhibitor. Outside of providing long-lasting lubrication of moving parts in highly corrosive environments, Lanotec says Heavy Duty can also be used as a spray on anti-seize.
It penetrates deep through rust and loosens tools and components, and protects electrical equipment, amongst a multitude of potential uses.
Lanotec’s General Purpose lubricant, meanwhile, protects hinges, zippers, locks and chains while also cleaning, rejuvenating and extending the life of metal, timber, vinyl, plastic, leather, rubber, fiberglass, powder-coated surfaces and more.
Another popular line in the automotive trade is Lanotec Steel-Seal, which in addition to providing high-performance corrosion protection for vehicle underbodies, also prevents further rust from developing on already corroded areas.
Recently added to the Lanotec portfolio is the consumer-grade Lanotec MPX, the ideal multi-use formulation for use around the home or wherever a dependable lubricant or penetrant is required.
Lanotec’s range hermetically seals on surfaces, is water wash-off, acid and salt-resistant, is non-conductive to 70kV, and is non-evaporative.
A fresh innovation for Lanotec’s smaller aerosol line is a handy combo nozzle, with its inert CO2 propellent non-hazardous and non-flammable, ensuring maximum delivery of active ingredients to any target.
The perfect companion to Lanotec’s lanolin-based range is Lanotec Citra-Force, an organic industrial-strength cleaner and natural degreaser, which safely cleans a wide range of finishes, including aluminium, stainless steel and anodised surfaces, without streaking.
The heavy-duty product removes hard-to-clean material, including oil, grease, carbon, adhesives, acrylic paint, shipping waxes, blackjack, uncured silicone, sealants, lanolin and rubberised glue, amongst many possible uses.
Additional Lanotec products that have found favour in the professional workshop environment include Welding Anti Spatter, Type A grease and Soft Grease, plus spray bottles to accompany larger pack sizes.
Backing up the green credentials of the Lanotec offering, multiple products have received Global Green Tag’s prestigious certification, NSF certification, are endorsed for use in industries operating a HACCP-based food safety program, as well as being approved by AQIS for use in export registered meat establishments.

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