STM says its Fluid Transfer System is the workshop hero you need

Forget messy spills, confusing labels, and inefficient filling – STM says its innovative Fluid Transfer System is revolutionising the way workshops handle oil, offering a simple, affordable, and supremely secure solution for all your oil transfer needs.

Built for the modern workshop
STM says this system isn’t just about convenience; it is about combating the costly issue of contamination.
The heavy-duty containers, available in three sizes, are crafted for durability and transparency, allowing you to easily monitor oil levels and prevent cross-contamination.
Each container securely fits onto any STM Fluid Transfer System lid style, boasting a wide opening for fast filling and effortless cleaning.

Colour-coded clarity
STM says there’s no need for cryptic labels and guesswork anymore, noting that its “ingenious” color-coding system takes the confusion out of oil identification.
The oil container rings and labels come in five vibrant options – black, red, green, yellow, and blue – allowing you to instantly recognise the contents of each container.
This not only reduces the risk of accidental contamination but also streamlines your workflow, saving you precious time and frustration.

Safety first
Safety is paramount in any workshop, and STM says its Fluid Transfer System prioritises it with every detail.
The lids feature a secure and easy-to-use on/off switch, ensuring controlled dispensing and eliminating the risk of accidental spills.
The spouts themselves come in five matching colours, offering a comfortable grip, and ensuring a perfect fit onto the containers.

Beyond the basics
STM says its innovative spirit doesn’t stop there, noting that the system’s ultra-robust construction ensures the rings and labels won’t warp, leak, bend, or break, even under the most demanding workshop conditions.
This level of durability means you can invest in confidence, knowing your system will stand the test of time.
The fluid transfer system isn’t just a workshop essential; it is a reflection of a wider industry trend towards efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility.
Workshops are increasingly seeking ways to minimise waste, prevent contamination, and protect both their employees and the environment.
STM says its system ticks all the boxes, offering a sustainable and responsible approach to oil handling.

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