New models are providing additional options to consumers

The recent launch of new Projecta INTELLI-Wave IP1500 and IP3000 Pure Sinewave Inverter models provide users with additional choice, ensuring there’s likely to be a suitable INTELLI-Wave inverter variant no matter what the application.
Bridging the gap between the existing IP1000 and IP2000 models, the new IP1500 is designed to provide 1500W of ultra-clean power to effortlessly run a wide range of appliances including coffee machines.
Meanwhile, the IP3000 succeeds the IP2000 as Projecta’s new range topper, capable of handling the most power-hungry equipment including induction cooktops, air conditioning, air compressors and large power tools.
Projecta says common to both models – and unlike other inverters on the Australian market – the INTELLI-Wave range offers 200 percent startup power for up to three seconds.
This provides enough ‘kick’ to switch on many common appliances that require more power to start than they do to run. For the 3000W IP3000, Projecta explains this represents an “incredible” 6000W of peak power for up to three seconds, and 4200W for up to three minutes.
Other benefits include a built-in safety switch (RCD) which provides protection for the user as well as the device being powered, while voltage temperature, fault and overload protections also provide peace of mind for owners.
Both units are easy to use with a front-face LCD display, as well as a wired LCD remote/monitor which allows for convenient out-of-sight installation.
Also common to both units is extruded aluminium construction that’s dust proof and shock resistant, ensuring these inverters are ready for a tough life on the road or on the worksite.
For fast installation, the IP1500 is sold with pre-terminated wiring kit, while the IP3000 benefits from a market-leading AC transfer switch that provides seamless transition between AC and DC power sources, meaning you don’t have to turn your appliances off when swapping over.
This larger unit also includes a power saving ECO mode that reduces current draw to just 10mA when not in use.
Both the IP1500W and IP3000W are backed by a two-year warranty, with these additions bringing the number of inverters available in Projecta’s INTELLI-Wave range to eight.
The range is available for purchase from leading automotive, camping and trade outlets Australia-wide.

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