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UFI Filters says it is constantly engaged in research and implementing solutions that guarantee maximum respect for the environment – providing technologically advanced systems which are able to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
“We focus our R&D on innovative technologies that allow the creation of more sustainable products from an environmental point of view, in the design, construction, distribution, use and end-of-life phases,” UFI FILTERS (Group) Chief Executive Officer, Rinaldo Facchini, said.
UFI Filters says an excellent example of this can be found in the UFI Filters blow-by filter which both filters and recovers the oil aerosol from gas and vapours that leak from the combustion chamber to the oil pan. This includes the oil droplets generated by the crankshaft during operation (oil shaking).
Oil must be removed before blow-by gas is recirculated into the combustion chamber mixed with intake air.
It has a fundamental role in reducing polluting emissions, due to burning of oil droplets recirculated in the combustion chamber.
The gases are recovered and highly filtered, which avoids the discharge of contaminants such as CO, NOx and PM into the atmosphere and the formation of nucleation centres by ashes as well as particulate matter at the tailpipe which is caused by burned oil.
There are two types of UFI Blow-By-Filters: static panels which filter gases according to a coalescence principle and rotating and self-cleaning which have very compact dimensions, low pressure drop and high filtration efficiency.
They are mounted directly on the hollow camshaft or on a high-pressure pump shaft. The rotating blow-by consists of a filter media made of synthetic material and glass fibre and is able to resist acid ambient particular to blow-by gas.
It has a filtration capacity of 95 percent according to ISO 17536 and works at an operating pressure of between two to 25 mbar for 3/4 of the mapping of the motor and maintains its performance for up to 3,000 working hours.
UFI Filters says it boasts over twenty years’ experience in the development and production of filter media. FormulaUFI is the brand name of six different formulations that encompasses all of the company’s filtration expertise and the name given to the filter material that have been selected and developed in the UFI Innovation Centres worldwide.
UFI Blow-By filters are produced according to FormulaUFI.Micron, combining synthetic and glass fibres material, a specific chemical recipe that maximise filter life, efficiency and reduce pressure drop.

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