The new product is said to be a “revolution in roof rack technology”

Prorack – a leading name in the automotive accessory industry specialising in roof racks, bike carriers, cargo management solutions and more – recently announced the release of its all-new Aero Deck platform.
It says this innovative roof rack platform is set to redefine the way adventure enthusiasts and travellers transport their gear, offering unmatched performance, aesthetics, and versatility.
Prorack states Aero Deck will also “support the widest range of vehicles on Australian roads and offer the best value of any platform on the market.”
Following years of research, engineering, and design expertise, Prorack says this new roof rack system introduces a host of innovative features and benefits, including: 

  1. Sleek aerodynamic design: the Aero Deck Platform boasts a sleek design with an aerodynamic profile and integrated wind deflector, which minimises wind resistance and reduces noise.   
  2. Modular design: courtesy of the east-west slat configuration, cargo effortlessly slides on and off the platform. This design also removes the need for adapters typically required on a north-south layout, and accessories such as a bike carrier can be directly fitted. The slats are also adjustable, providing maximum versatility and setup options for various types of cargo. 
  3. Easy installation: easily installed at home, the Aero Deck Platform has two primary mounting methods – a direct mount kit, which is suited to a vehicle with no existing roof racks or side rails, and a crossbar adaptor kit which can accommodate existing roof racks. 
  4. Durability and safety: made from strong, durable, and lightweight aluminium, the Aero Deck Platform also features Nyloc fittings to prevent loosening of components over time. Due to the adjustable slats, items cannot fall between them, preventing damage to the vehicle, or while loading/unloading cargo.

The new Aero Deck Platform comes in three sizes: 1300mm x 1300mm with four fully adjustable slats, suited to utes and canopy fitments, plus smaller vehicles; 1300mm x 1500mm with six fully adjustable slats, perfectly suited to a dual cab ute and mid-sized SUV or wagon; and the larger 1300mm x 2000mm with eight fully adjustable slats, which is ideal for the larger 4×4 vehicle range.
In addition to existing Prorack accessories, Prorack says it has introduced a new Adventures Series light bracket, utility mount and recovery track mount. 
“Prorack’s Aero Deck Platform is not just a platform; it is a game-changer for adventurers and explorers,” Prorack Senior Engineering Manager, Chris Jones, said.
“We’ve taken every aspect of roof rack technology to the next level, from performance and aesthetics to convenience and adaptability, all while providing the best value of any platform on the market.”
The Prorack Aero Deck Platform is now available for purchase at authorised Prorack dealers and online. 

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