The Hamer Atlas Plus Series Bull Bar

In the ever-progressing world of automotive advancements, Hamer says its Atlas Plus Series Bull Bar emerges as a front-runner, setting new standards in vehicle enhancement.
With a design that encapsulates the essence of rugged functionality and sleek aesthetics, this triple-hooped bull bar is a Full Bumper replacement that is ADR Approved, Airbag compliant and incorporates all factory sensors and radar relocation.
Hamer says its Atlas Plus Series goes beyond mere protection; stating that it is a bold fusion of aesthetics and rugged durability.
“This bull bar doesn’t just shield your Ranger, Everest, or Raptor – it elevates their presence to a whole new level,” Hamer 4×4 Marketing Manager, Mark Gelo, said.
“Crafted with precision from lightweight yet robust 3mm thick steel, it ensures your vehicle stands strong against the elements, all while showcasing a design that exudes power and sophistication.
“Incorporating modern engineering, this bull bar features integrated daytime running lights that not only enhance visibility during the day but also add a touch of contemporary flair to your vehicle’s exterior.
“The sequential indicators provide an unmistakable visual cue, making your intentions clear to other drivers on the road.
“With its sharp angles and meticulously designed contours, the Hamer Atlas Plus Series doesn’t just protect; it complements the lines and style of your vehicle, making it a statement of both strength and refinement.
“So, whether you’re embarking on adventures or simply navigating the urban jungle, rest assured that your vehicle remains unscathed and looks undeniably striking.
“Beyond its stunning looks lies the core purpose of the Atlas Plus Series: unparalleled vehicle safety. The Atlas Plus robust construction is a shield against the unpredictability of off-road excursions, offering comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. This is vehicle protection redefined, a trusty guardian for the modern explorer.”
Customisation is also easy.
“For the 4WD enthusiast who sees their Vehicle as a canvas for personal expression, the Atlas Plus Series is a dream come true,” Mark said.
“It provides a platform for a plethora of accessories, allowing for a level of customisation that is as unique as the driver.
“Whether it is mounting LED lights for those nocturnal journeys or winches for unforeseen predicaments, this bull bar accommodates with ease and style.”
“The Hamer Atlas Plus Series Bull Bar is more than an accessory—it’s a comprehensive upgrade for your 4WD.”

For more information, visit www.hamer4x4.com.au