The “ultimate” braking upgrade

The Protex Ultra Performance range is a premium brake performance product range that provides an upgraded braking solution for those drivers and enthusiasts who have a focus on performance.
Protex explains that its Ultra Rotor is made from high carbon, cast iron material offering better thermal stability, quieter braking, and high performance in challenging driving conditions. Slotted, drilled, and various vane options are available for better cooling at high braking options.
Key features and benefits include:
• Anti Corrosion Protection: Ultracoat Z360, Protex’s exclusive anti-corrosion coating for faster fitting and longer life.
• High Carbon Formulation: six directional slots and unique pillar design for optimised heat dissipation.
• Quieter: responsive, and smoother pedal feel
• Quicker fitting: reduces repairer labour costs and cleaning time
• Eco-Friendly: Protex is committed to minimising environmental impact from the production methods deployed through to the materials used
Protex’s Ultra Ceramic Plus Brake Pads contain zero copper, providing less environmental impact without compromising performance. Other advantages include:
• Ceramic friction pad formulation on the pads that delivers ultra-quiet, stable stopping power.
• Quieter: braking and better pedal feel.
• Quicker fitting: no bedding-in required.
• Eco-Friendly.
Protex says it brings you a specialised range of high-performance brake parts, covering most requirements. With over 30 years in the industry, Protex says it combines its vast product range with experience.

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