The findings of the latest RACV Annual Car Running Costs Survey has been released

RACV says the survey has revealed Victoria’s cheapest car to own and operate is the MG3 Core light Hatch, costing motorists $734.84 per month.
The MG3 Core was closely followed by the Kia Picanto S and the Suzuki Baleno GL, at $746.31 and $804.87 per month respectively.
For more than 50 years, RACV’s Car Running Costs Survey has taken an in-depth look at Australia’s newest and best-selling models, providing data on the overall cost of ownership.
Factored into the survey are variables including purchase price, loan repayments, registration, insurance, fuel or electric vehicle charging costs, tyres, servicing and repairs and auto club membership – all averaged out over five years.
There are 11 vehicle categories and more than 80 models included in the survey.
Despite having risen by more than $100 per month on last year, the RACV found the MG3 Core light hatchback to be the nation’s cheapest car to own and operate for the second year running.
Last year’s Car Running Costs Survey showed that Victoria’s cheapest car, the MG3 Core light Hatch, cost $625.50 per month to own and operate.

Calculations from the survey are based on private vehicle ownership and the average distance travelled by Victorian motorists, which is 15,000 kilometres per year.
RACV Head of Policy, James Williams said the survey confirmed what Victorians would be keenly aware of – the cost of owning a car has gone up across the board.
“It would surprise no one to see that the cost of owning and operating a car has risen, given the trends we have seen in fuel prices,” James said.
The survey shows that fuel is the second biggest expense for car owners, accounting for 13 percent. Purchase price is the biggest upfront expense, accounting for 80 percent of a car’s ongoing costs.
“When you factor in the growing price of used cars and the improved fuel efficiency and safety ratings of new cars, there is a very good argument to take a close look at the more affordable models outlined in the survey,” James said.
The survey also showed that Toyota was a leader in affordability for small and medium-sized cars, with the Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport ($950.93) leading the small car category, while the Toyota Camry Ascent Sedan ($1,123.26) led medium-sized cars.

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