The new TVMS Rogue is REDARC’s newest RedVision enabled product

With a compact design, advanced tech and four simple mounting points, the TVMS Rogue offers a compact and flexible centralised power control solution for caravan, camper and 4×4 applications
The new TVMS Rogue is REDARC’s newest RedVision enabled product. Featuring built-in smart fuses, the Rogue eliminates the need for physical fuses, meaning that the 25mm thick main unit can be tucked away in an unused nook or anywhere it cannot be accessed.
This intelligent circuit protection goes beyond just turning off a circuit. It notifies the user of a circuit fault and allows for easy rectification, without the need to have spare fuses on hand.
These smart fuses provide circuit protection in the event of an output overcurrent fault by detecting excess currents and temperatures.
If detected, the Rogue will turn off the affected circuit for ten seconds before turning it back on again.
Affected outputs will also turn red on the wired display and RedVision smartphone app to ensure that the user is aware of a channel fault.
If the current or temperature continues to be high, the Rogue will repeat this process for three cycles. If the fault is still present on the affected channel after three cycles, REDARC explains the Rogue is smart enough to turn the channel off to make the circuit safe and notify the user of a fault.
Once the fault is rectified, the channel can then be turned back on by cycling the affected channel through the soft keys on the wired display, the input switch or the smartphone app.
RedVision has been designed to work seamlessly with REDARC’s full suite of off-grid charging and power products.
With flexible hardware options, REDARC’s distribution box can be tucked into any available space in your customers setup.
These hardware options have been designed to be used with the wired RedVision colour display or smartphone app, so it is easier than ever for your customers to keep track of what their system is doing.
Made in Australia, the entire RedVision system is backed by REDARC’s in-house customer and technical support and “hassle-free” warranty.
If you have any questions on wiring up your customers’ RedVision system, REDARC has a full team of Customer Service Technicians ready to take your call on 1300 REDARC (1300 733 272).
Operating Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm ACST, REDARC says its Technical Support Team is knowledgeable on all things REDARC and have an electronics or Auto electrical background.

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