In today’s fast-paced world, we all want to stay connected and be productive while on the go

However, using our phones while driving is dangerous and illegal in all states of Australia.
As before in Victoria, hand-held mobile phones cannot be used while driving, but the revised
laws now bring ‘mounted’ mobile phones and tablets into line with the use of built-in infotainment and navigation screens installed in most modern cars.
Drivers who hold a full licence in general cannot touch an unmounted portable device, such
as a phone, tablet, laptop, or any device while driving.
Stinger Australia says this is where iOttie’s
range of Smart Phone Holders come into play, offering a simple, secure and effective solution that can provide numerous benefits for drivers.
For mobile phones and tablets, the mounting must be commercially designed and manufactured for that purpose, and the device must be secured in the mounting.
As a general rule, drivers can use their mounted or inbuilt systems for functions such as music and navigation, provided they are not entering text, scrolling or viewing images or video. However, drivers can use voice controls for music and navigation.
If the smart phone is properly secured you can, however, touch the device briefly to initiate, accept or reject an audio call; play or stream audio material; adjust volume levels; use a function on the device designed to assist you to operate the vehicle; use a navigation function; use a function on the device designed to monitor a driver’s behaviour or condition; or carry out a professional driving task.
Overall, the benefits of phone holders in cars are clear. They offer a safe and convenient way to stay connected while on the go, reduce distractions, and help drivers stay organised and abide by the law.
In Victoria, large fines and four demerit points are the penalty if you are caught using your smart phone outside these regulations.
With the increased prevalence of smartphones and the need for safe driving practices, phone holders are quickly becoming an essential accessory for modern drivers. So, if you haven’t already, Stinger Australia encourages you to consider investing in a quality phone holder for your car today.
iOttie Holders are Universal in function and are designed in New York. Stinger Australia notes they come with a Two-Year Warranty and are “the best-selling car mount brand in the USA.”

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