MAHLE says it is opening up maximum diagnostic possibilities for independent workshops

MAHLE Aftermarket is launching the RemotePRO, a complementary diagnostic system for vehicle service, beginning in February 2023.
MAHLE says RemotePRO “covers more manufacturers than the competition.”
With RemotePRO, independent workshops can thus perform complex diagnostics and service routines just like authorised workshops.
Specialists can be called in via chat or hotline to provide expert guidance through the diagnostic process.
MAHLE says the RemotePRO is the ideal complement to the universal diagnostic tool TechPRO from MAHLE and Connex from BRAIN BEE.
Where universal diagnostic tools reach their limits, sometimes only a manufacturer’s diagnostic device can help.
The remote diagnostic tool virtually unites a large number of such manufacturer diagnostic devices on one server.
MAHLE explains this allows independent workshops to use the same range of functions as branded workshops, even on vehicles that are very rare or difficult to diagnose.
This includes reading and erasing the fault memory, calibration, programming and maintenance of various systems in the vehicle, but also the teaching of vehicle keys or the diagnosis of atypical and “exotic” fault situations.
The services of the manufacturers are billed according to the “pay per use” principle, ie. depending on the application.
MAHLE explains this means that independent workshops can pass on these costs directly and transparently to their customers. In return, they benefit from the expertise and technical possibilities that their independent workshop has as a result.

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