RevEng says it is proud to be Australian owned and offer Australian made products

Those behind the company explain that RevEng provides premium automotive supplies and products to professionals across Australia, delivering premium equipment to workshops and garages.
Included in the range are high-quality additives, with all RevEng products triple checked for compliance and efficiency before they are made available to valued customers.
“We have established a trust with our clients – as we are a smaller business in this competitive industry, we have the flexibility when it comes to changing and improving formulas and products to suit the market’s changing needs,” RevEng Auto Supplies Director, Andrew Nicholls, said.
“RevEng is one of the fastest growing additive companies that has established itself by high-quality products that are demonstrated to our clients on a daily basis.
“You will find RevEng products in most major national branded workshops and dealerships as well as hundreds that are Independently owned.
“We regularly convert workshops to RevEng from other Major Australian and overseas brands simply by demonstrating our products.
“This allows the workshop operators to see for themselves the capabilities of RevEng and the benefits to their customers’ vehicles.
“The feedback we receive from our clients and their customers is very positive with testimonials being sent to us regularly.
“We have formulas that include the most powerful Diesel injector cleaner on the market with a Cetane booster of +8 that also contains a biocide to control algae, a lubricant that increases lubrication by 20 percent, and an Engine Flush that we have proven to be a ‘Driveable Engine Flush’ which allows the technician to pour Engine Flush into the engine and go for a test drive without harming any components.
“The best performing and most effective Friction Modifier for engines is our Shield Guard Treatment, a Petrol Injector Cleaner that helps keep injectors clean, lubricates, absorbs condensation and neutralisers acids.
“We also offer a DPF cleaner that is mixed into the fuel tank and promotes a passive and active regeneration.
“Diesel On Car Express is a very handy chemical for technicians as it is poured into a new Diesel fuel filter which allows the chemical to then enter the injectors for a quick clean without being diluted with fuel.
“Our EGR cleaner is simple to use and very safe and effective, and the same can be said for our Petrol Upper Cylinder cleaner.
“We also stock a few specialty items such as Automatic Transmission and Power Steering treatments, air conditioning deodorisers and sanitisers.
“RevEng Tuff n Up tape is exclusive to us and is one of the most popular products we sell.
“We also stock Wiper Blades, Windscreen wash tablets and a long lasting five minute Headlight Restoration Kit.
“At RevEng we would not expect any workshop to stock and use our products without seeing a workshop demonstration which takes around 20 minutes to perform.”

For more information, visit or contact Andrew direct on 0419 488 895.