R&J Batteries’ motorsport sponsorship program is putting its brand front and centre in key markets

For almost three decades, R&J Batteries has been pushing for success on the shelves and on the race track.
Today R&J Batteries has 27 company-owned stores and an Australian and New Zealand footprint of more than 8,000 experienced stockists and distributors, with a comprehensive involvement in motorsport being a key driver of its marketing efforts.
“R&J Batteries’ love for motorsports is no secret. It is part of our DNA and represents who we are plus what we value as a company,” R&J Batteries Chief Executive Officer, Stuart Hamilton, said.
“Throughout our 27 years of operation, R&J Batteries has extended support to motorsport teams in diverse categories and classes from grassroot levels and upwards.”
The company’s very first major motorsport sponsorship was with Greg Murphy Racing in the 2009 V8 Supercar Championship.
In 2010, the team won in the Super2 category with driver Steve Owen at the helm of the R&J Batteries sponsored car.
“That 2010 season is unforgettable for R&J Batteries for many reasons, including Owen’s six poles, eight race wins and four round wins but above all, it was the catalyst which catapulted
R&J Batteries into the world of motorsports,” Stuart said.
The leading battery retailer distributor went on to expand into a wide array of motorsport involvements, and today in 2023 currently has 15 active partnerships, including high-profile sponsorships with Brad Jones Racing, Lamattina Top Fuel Racing, PremiAir Racing and Greg Gartner Motorsports.
The partnership with Brad Jones Racing, sponsoring the #8 R&J Batteries Camaro of driver André Heimgartner, is the largest current sponsorship enjoyed by the company.
It is succeeding both off and on the track, with Heimgartner standing on the podium four times in 2022 and having already notched up a second place in the early days of the 2023 season.
“BJR has a tremendous track record in the Supercars Championship and we both have roots in regional Australia while competing at a national level in our respective businesses,” Stuart explained.
“To become involved with BJR and the Supercars Championship was a very exciting step in our long history with motorsport and currently a big part of our motorsport program is dedicated towards the #8 car.
“Racing at a national level as part of the Supercars Championship, there are clear benefits for our marketing and branding efforts to have such a high-profile partnership.
“We are actively working to utilise that platform to the best of our ability through a number of avenues, including meet and greets with Andre, giveaways, competitions, fan experiences and more.”

The company’s participation in motorsport allows it to provide special opportunities to its staff, partners and customers.  
“Our motorsport participation has created greater relationships between the R&J Batteries team, our retail customers and our partners in the automotive aftermarket,” Stuart said.
“Being able to support teams locally and nationally makes us part of the community, allowing for more genuine conversations which lead to providing an even better level of service.
“For instance, the sponsorship of BJR #8 and Andre Heimgartner is a fantastic conversation starter which allows customers to affirm our brand identity and trust that we can provide the best power solution.
“There is no doubt our involvement in motorsports has helped us increase brand awareness and sales, as more people are familiar with the
R&J Batteries brand and understand what we carry batteries for all applications, makes and models.
“It has also helped us inform customers that we are not just in the business of selling batteries, allowing us to promote the fact that we also have a large range of lubricants and accessories and a dedicated team for battery testing and fitting which makes R&J Batteries a one-stop-shop.
“Certainly being involved with motorsports and sponsoring teams has helped us align with many of our key markets in Australia and by sponsoring over 15 teams nationally and locally, we benefit from both national and local recognition.
“Our ultimate goal is to establish authority as battery experts and be top of mind for customers when it comes to their battery, lubricant or accessory purchases, and our sponsorship program plays a large role in our efforts to achieve that goal.”

To learn more about R&J Batteries, visit www.rjbatt.com.au