Quality filters are amongst the most important parts for our vehicles

Among many filter brands in the market, Sakura Filters says it has been positioning its brand as one that can be trusted for quality.
Sakura Filters says its products are manufactured by one of the biggest filter manufacturers in the Asia Pacific, who also supply to major OEM, OES, and popular aftermarket filter brands around the world.
“Our products are designed and tested to meet the JIS, ISO, SAE standards which assure us that the products meet the engine specifications,” Sakura Filters Sales and Marketing Manager, Joseph Liman, said.
Sakura Filters says its products are supplied to more than 120 countries and are registered in more than 100 countries worldwide, in line with the company’s commitment to providing Global Quality that meets local needs.
“With a full awareness of the unique characteristic of Australia and New Zealand markets, we provide a wide range of products that produce to meet Australia and New Zealand specification,” Joseph said.
“With more than 2,700 part numbers available and 100 new part numbers released every year, we keep our commitment to fulfil the very dynamic needs of the market.”
Sakura Filters are available for automotive applications including passenger cars, 4WDs, light commercial trucks, buses and motorcycles. It also supplies a wide range of products for Heavy Equipment and Industrial Machinery which includes supply to the construction and mining industries.
Sakura Filters Australia has been in the automotive parts industry for more than 25 years, providing service to the Australia and New Zealand market.
It began under the name Filter Sales Australia in New South Wales in June 1990, and with significant growth over the years the company says it became one of the market leaders in the aftermarket filter business.
With strong commitment to support across Australia, the company opened its Queensland warehouse in June of 2003, before opening another warehouse in November 2006 in Victoria. At the close of the 2003 financial year, Sakura Filters Australia hit a record of two million filters sold within a year.

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