Keeping your engine oil clean

An oil filter’s primary function is in keeping the engine oil clean and free from contaminants. It removes tiny particles and debris in the oil and helps protect the engine components from excessive wear.
The contaminants in the oil can come from wear of moving components, soot, dirt, dust and water.
The types of oil filters can be in the form of spin-on or cartridge element.
A typical spin-on filter is comprised of an outer shell metal canister housing the filter element and is screwed onto the mount on the engine.
They are a self-contained housing where the filter element is inside the metal canister with a baseplate and gasket that seals up to the mounting surface on the engine. A spin-on oil filter may also can contain a by-pass valve and/or anti drain-back valve in the filter.
Cartridge element filters are simply the replaceable elements within a housing.
They are made from metal end caps or plastic end caps that hold the filter’s media together. Cartridge element filters are also supplied with replacement O-ring for the housing and recommended to be changed at every service.
Regular maintenance of the oil filter is required in keeping your vehicle running at its best.
The regular service interval for oil filters is generally 10,000 – 15,000km or six months to one year, depending on whichever comes first. Sakura Filters Australia says it is best to consult your log book service manual for correct service intervals.
Sakura Filters Australia has been in the aftermarket filtration industry for more than 28 years in the Australian and New Zealand markets.
Its range includes filters for automotive, light commercial, heavy industrial, marine, farm and mining machinery.
Sakura Filters Australia says it has an extensive range of filters which covers most of the local market’s needs. Laboratory tested, Sakura says its filters provide maximum performance and fit for your vehicle.
The filters have been produced to meet the highest JIS/SAE International Technical Standards and are manufactured according to the quality assurance standard TUV SUB ISO/TS 16949:2009. Sakura Filters Australia has also attained the Australian Standards AS/NZ ISO9001.
Sakura Oil Filters are available from your local Sakura Filters distributor.

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