Since their launch back in 2018, Adrad says its air-conditioning compressor kits have been a huge success

The convenience of having all essential replacement air-conditioning parts packaged together in a range that has grown to over 200 kits and covers 1800 vehicle applications is something that air conditioning repairs have really embraced.
Adrad says it has earned a reputation for having an extremely well supported and comprehensive national warranty system. This covers all the parts it manufactures and distributes and the company says it is a foundation component of Adrad’s ISO9001:2015 quality accreditation.
An Adrad air-conditioning compressor kit includes the compressor, condenser, compressor oil, thermal expansion valve (or orifice tube), and a receiver drier/accumulator. Hoses and fittings can be cleaned out and refitted but the critical parts are all new. The kit includes a bottle of air-conditioning system treatment and system guard straps for security and tamper protection. You even get a measuring cup!
As well as saving time and money when ordering, these kits include the benefit of a huge three-year national warranty. Adrad says it is a benefit that can be passed on to the vehicle owner by the repairer and used as a valuable tool to boost trade without compromising on price.
A longer warranty gives both the repairer and customer peace of mind and can be the deciding factor when choosing between similarly priced alternatives.
As an added incentive, Adrad air-conditioning compressor kits to suit the VE Commodore (PKIT08) and PX Ranger (PKIT43) will be offered at special discounted prices during November.
Adrad air-conditioning compressor kits are available to order online at the Radshop or Natrad Trade websites.

For more information and details of your nearest stockist, contact Adrad on 1800 882 043.