With the benefits of Graphene

Selley’s says the manufacturing world has only begun to scratch the surface in its use of a carbon form called graphene; but in the coming decades; this miracle material will improve our lives in untold ways and help us address some of our most pressing challenges.
Graphene helps provide a super slick surface that resists swirl marks and common soil abrasion. The results are unapparelled shine and protection that makes future exterior maintenance extremely easy.
Selley’s says Turtle Wax US saw an opportunity to create a new and innovative car care range with Graphene, the Hybrid Solutions Pro Line.
To create the range, Turtle Wax US took real Graphene through a process called “High Pressure Exfoliation and Stabilisation.” It says the combined benefits of this patent pending process includes increased UV protection through heat dissipation and reduced dust attraction.
This new graphene process facilitates a complex matrix of ingredients in the formula that provides a transparent and extremely glossy dense, protective, tight web of protection that is extremely water and chemical resistant.

Hybrid Solutions Pro Graphene Flex Wax
A spray wax that delivers a strong graphene wax coating with months of long-lasting protection at the pull of the trigger. It can be used on both wet and dry surfaces for incredible gloss, slickness, water repellent and heat dissipation for increased UV protection. Flex Wax is named for its flexibility in use and can be applied as a protective coating after paint correction, a regular maintenance product after washing or standalone protective coating.

Hybrid Solutions Pro to the Max Wax
A durable and liquid car wax for professional detailers and auto enthusiasts. It features Turtle Wax’s patent pending graphene infused formula that creates a tighter web of protection and delivers long-lasting depth of colour, gloss, slickness and UV protection. It also contains super-hydrophobic polymers to equip the cars with months of chemical resistance, water repellency and stain prevention.

Hybrid Solutions Pro One and Done Professional Polishing Compound Correct and Finish
A flexible, top-of-the-line polishing compound. It allows both professional detailers and car owners to smooth deep scratches and swirls while adding a wet, reflective polish to any glossy clear coat. A powerful product that does not damage the car wax. It is expertly crafted, aluminium oxide abrasives remove up to 1000 grit to erase noticeable imperfections, while advanced platelets slide and glide to protect the car finish from additional damage. It is the ultimate go-to solution for pros and skilled auto enthusiasts looking to upgrade their detailing arsenal.

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