Easy to use products providing high quality protection

Trico Australia says its full range of 303 Automotive Protectants has been used for years by car detailers and auto enthusiasts alike.
It says its products are easy to apply; never leaving the surface glossy or oily, resisting the build-up of dirt and mould and providing overall protection against UV attack.
Representing “the gold standard in automotive protection”, Trico Australia says 303 Automotive Protectants can be used for a number of applications.
Applying 303 Automotive Protectant to your vehicle’s interior and exterior trim will go a long way to ensuring these often overlooked parts of your car remain in perfect condition.
Spray a small amount of 303 Automotive Protectant on plastic and vinyl surfaces and then wipe the excess away with a clean micro-fibre towel. For best results re-apply every 30-45 days.
Trico Australia states that regular use of 303 Aerospace Protectant provides 100 percent prevention against slow-fade caused by UV. It is non-toxic, silicone free and biodegradable providing long term protection.
303 Aerospace Protectant prevents drying and cracking and keeps rubber, vinyl and plastic items pliable and supple, thus maintaining or restoring lost colour and lustre.
To protect your underbody plastics against dust, dirt and oily spray, Trico Australia says a regular application of 303 will keep your underbody plastics looking fantastic throughout the life of your car.
Tyres are your only connection to the road surface beneath you, and are often subject to more abuse than any other part of your car. Not only is it important for your tyres to be in good condition, you also want them looking as good as they were when they rolled off the showroom floor. 303 Automotive Protectants are said to be a sure-fire way to keep your tyres looking good, and free from damage such as dry rot.
Much like car applications, RVs and caravans have a number of surfaces that will respond well to 303 Automotive Protectants – as well as leather, plastics and vinyl, RVs and Caravans will also feature things such as cabinets, cupboards and countertops that require forms of maintenance which Trico Australia says its range is perfect for.

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