A game-changing way to manage live electric vehicle data

From the Nissan Leaf’s debut in 2011 to the present growing electric vehicle industry in 2022, Sensium says its development breakthroughs address a decade of fleet management challenges.
Its Sensium Connect Dashboard allows not only the management of live data, but also securely encrypted remote vehicle control for electric vehicles as well, while remote vehicle shutdown, door lock and unlock are all also now possible with ease.
However, it’s not just drivers that are taken care of when live-reporting tyre pressure information, tyre temperatures, seat-belt status, battery temperature and driver identification – the capitalised value of an electric vehicle at the conclusion of a lease term can also be maximised.
The condition of the battery is the most significant factor in determining an electric vehicle’s value at the conclusion of a lease. Consumers who buy second-hand are specifically concerned with battery health, so therefore peak battery condition is crucial.
Before the electric vehicle is put up for sale, a thorough report can be created using Sensium Connect, maximising the sales price by including many details of the automobile’s condition.
To pull all of this together, Sensium says its proprietary CAN Monitoring software runs on its locally developed and manufactured TB2-20 Vehicle Telemetry Device and continually monitors and interrogates the CAN bus for certain data being sent around the vehicle, such as:
• Odometer
• Battery State of Charge
• Battery Temperature
• Battery State of Health
• Driver & Passenger Seatbelts
• Tyre Pressures
• Tyre Temperatures
• DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
• 12v battery Condition
• Outside Air Temp
• EV Charging State
• and many other pieces of data applicable to fleet management and driver safety
These are not simple Service Mode 1 messages, and require decoding per vehicle make/model/year. The data is packaged by the TB2-20 and sent to the platform, which then decodes the message, and understands the contents.
This is securely passed to the cloud platform, stored (for a minimum of seven years), and displayed in an easy to understand User Interface (UI).
This data, in a decoded form, is also made available to third party software in API. This helps Pool Vehicle Booking Software to automatically select the best vehicle for a driver’s needs.
The Vehicle Status dashboard from Sensium Labs, as an add-on to Sensium Connect, is also now available in beta to early access customers and EV industry advocates and is already being utilised to make educated decisions about electric vehicle use.

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