From Milwaukee Tools

Automotive warranty claims are a minefield for Automotive Workshop Owners. In most cases, these end up in a stand-off between the workshop owner and the component suppliers. The component suppliers argue that the component was installed incorrectly, while the workshop owner position is that the component was faulty and failed.
Of course, proving the case, either way, is difficult when the engine or gearbox is spread all over the road. In most cases, the failure will destroy the evidence ending in a stalemate, in which the workshop owner is left to remedy the issue.
Milwaukee identified this issue and set about developing a system that would provide workshop owners with the data necessary to prove that components had been installed to specified torque specifications set up by automotive and component manufacturers.
Milwaukee product engineers were charged with developing a new and innovative digital torque wrench that would add additional functionality to their existing One-Key tool management platform.
The brief was to allow workshop owners to quickly and easily develop customised reporting that would save ‘successful events’ on the tool and generate a Torque Record in the One-Key app.
Milwaukee’s One-Key is a collaborative tool and equipment platform that helps jobs run smoother. It is compatible with all inventory management methods. It is designed to help automotive workshop owners keep track of tools and equipment, from asset ID tagging and equipment trackers to barcode scanning and geofencing.

In addition to tool tracking and security, Milwaukee’s One-Key allows users to dial in precision settings, view utilisation data, and get alerted before equipment needs repair.
While the new M12 Fuel 1/2” and 3/8” Digital Torque Wrench are the first motorised torque wrenches on the market, Milwaukee Tool says the true innovation is in the updated One-Key technology that has been integrated into the range. The combination of which delivers increased productivity, precise torque accuracy, and user demanded reporting functionality.
This user demanded reporting functionality provides automotive workshop owners with the data required to shift the burden of warranty claims to the component manufacturers in the event of a catastrophic failure.
This tool provides simple one-button recording functionality to save the data and then customise a report of this data to provide verification for inspectors or engineers – ultimately removing the need to manually record the torque value for each fastener. Up to 28,500 torque events can be saved on the tool, and unlimited events can be stored within the One-Key app.
These One-Key reports can be easily customised and organised for the job at hand. In addition, One-Key allows users to wirelessly connect to the tool through their smartphone to customise the tool settings, track its location, manage it in their equipment inventory, and lock out the tool for added security.

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