TriTech Lubricants says its new OEM Approval on Synergy Euro 5W-30 ensures superior engine protection

TriTech Lubricants is an Australian owned and operated company, celebrating its 20th birthday this year.
“We’re a modern lubricants supplier, finding a niche with a wide client base that seek a well-presented, high-performance product backed by a complete supply, one-stop-shop range offer,” TriTech Lubricants Brand Division Sales Manager, Carrie Moon, said.
“We’re built on a foundation of lubricants toll blending, providing fully supported private label packaging ranges, supported and backed by a high level of service, product, and technical support.
“TriTech Lubricants is committed to technical and quality excellence, ensuring that all our products are rigorously tested to perform under the most demanding conditions.
“Our products are manufactured under strict ISO 9001-2015 quality endorsed manufacturing systems onsite in Dandenong South, Victoria.
“Our lubricant products are blended using OEM approved formulations, developed to meet and exceed industry specifications and comply with SAE, API, ACEA and ISO guidelines. This is backed by our product guarantee.”
Recently, the withdrawal of GM/Holden from the Australian market, TriTech deemed it appropriate to have an OEM product meeting the requirements of a prestige and high technology automotive brand, which has a strong presence in the Australian market.
“TriTech decided to go with the marquee brand Mercedes Benz. Therefore, the dexos2 OEM approval has been replaced by a higher performance specification, MB 229.52. The dexos2 performance is still retained and may continue to be used safely in this application,” Carrie said.
TriTech Lubricants’ 9281 – Synergy Euro 5W-30 C3 is now manufactured to a new formulation that not only meets the stringent Mercedes Benz specification MB 229.52, but exceeds ACEA C3 requirements, retaining ACEA C2 performance level and has now been upgraded to API SP from the previous API SN/CF.
“The new formulation also gives your vehicles engine superior protection from LSPI (Low-speed pre-ignition) – a phenomenon now seen in modern small high output engines,” Carrie said.
This new approval on 9281, MB 229.52, is a specification tailored for new Mercedes Benz BlueTEC engines, designed to meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standards. The oil must deliver fuel economy benefits compared to MB 229.51 and 229.31, which is achieved with better cold flow properties and superior friction control.
Compared with the baseline ACEA C3 specification, MB 229.52 is said to deliver better performance in terms of oxidation resistance; wear and corrosion control; sludge control; oil flow and pumpability; and foaming control.
This Mercedes Benz specification, MB 229.52, is fully backwards compatible with MB 229.51 and MB 229.31.
TriTech Lubricants says it is proud to be a preferred supplier for Capricorn Society Limited.
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