The first step towards a complete repair

The Snap-on TRITON-D8 Integrated Diagnostic System inherits powerful features from its older siblings.
Snap-on says that with access to Fast-Track Intelligent Diagnostics and a built-in
Two Channel oscilloscope, starting with the D8 makes day to day workshop operations fast and efficient.
Snap-on says the TRITON-D8 proved itself in a recent Toyota RAV4 diagnosis whereby the customer reported the illumination of the vehicles malfunction indicator lamp.
The TRITON-D8 reportedly quickly completed a VIN read whereby all correct vehicle parameters were automatically loaded allowing a full vehicle scan to take place.
The cause of the MIL was DTC P0102 – Air Mass Circuit Low Input.
A gentle tap on the eight-inch touch screen moved the user into Intelligent Diagnostics and provided the top most common causes of this code.
The information here comes from the Snap-on global team, who collect data on specific DTC codes from thousands of Snap-on scan tools around the world connecting to the Snap-on network.
Snap-on explains that the engineering team work to understand what commonly causes this fault, consulting the OEM for common parts that require replacement, or even module programming that may have changed to handle the parameters causing the code to set, and often only released into the dealer network.
This data is then packaged and delivered direct to the scan tool, with regular updates covering more codes and vehicles through Snap-on Intelligent Diagnostics.
Snap-on says for the RAV4, the first guided step was to inspect the mass air flow meter and replace. In this scenario, the vehicle had clearly already had a new MAF installed and been sent on its way…obviously not without further diagnosis or understanding what could also cause this initial fault.
It explains the second most common cause is a burnt-out fuse box and states that sure enough, inspection of the fuse box revealed this exact case, and a replacement box was installed. The RAV4 lived to drive another day!
When considering your next scan tool purchase, Snap-on says it makes sense to start with a Triton D8. Your local Snap-on franchisee can take you through the complete features, and demonstrate the power of Intelligent Diagnostics in your own workshop.

For more information, visit or speak with your local franchisee to arrange a demonstration.