Designed and manufactured to extend the service life of wheel bearings in vehicles used for heavy towing

Terrain Tamer has expanded its range of heavy duty swivel hub bearing kits to also include combination swivel housing kits for a range of Toyota and Nissan 4WD vehicles.
The first of these is a heavy-duty bearing that has been made in Japan, with a Rockwell hardness rating that is 2.5 points higher than the OE equivalent. These bearings combine a new forging technique with an upgraded heat treatment procedure to enable a longer service life.
While the tapered roller bearing design looks very similar to any other, Terrain Tamer says the new technologies used to create the bearing means that they hold up to contaminants better, and for longer, doubling the service life of their OE equivalent in clean grease, and working up to 10 times longer in contaminated lubricant.
The second element of the kits is an innovative new range of Heavy-Duty hub seals, which rotate on their own internal surface, without relying on the condition of the shaft and thus eliminating wear on other components.
These seals utilise a labyrinth construction with four sealing surfaces, to better prevent the loss of oil and lubricating fluids and better protect against the ingress of dirt and other contaminants.
This internal track also makes these seals ideal to fit on previously damaged, corroded or rusted sealing surfaces, as the ribbed rubber surface of the seal simply fits to the vehicle and stays put, rotating only within its own design.
As with all Terrain Tamer bearing kits, the Heavy-Duty kits also include all required components for a wheel bearing overhaul and all parts are covered by a 12-month warranty.

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