Join the digital revolution

The CSC-Tool Digital is the latest calibration solution from HELLA GUTMANN. Equipped with a state-of-the-art ultra-short throw projector, this tool allows targets to be projected in high resolution onto a 200cm screen – the largest of any ADAS calibration tool currently available.
The projector has been carefully designed to maximise performance by eliminating frequency flicker, screen reflection and manipulation of the OE target size often associated with LCD displays.
Patented green line laser technology also makes it quicker and easier to ensure absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor using its rear axle.
The solution incorporates an accompanying CSC-Tool Digital app which provides workshop technicians with access to over 20 calibration targets across multiple vehicles makes and models.
This ensures the latest targets are available to workshops quickly and effectively. Targets are easily interchanged at the touch of a button, greatly reducing set-up time in comparison to conventional systems which provides workshops more time to focus on the calibration task.
Additionally, having the targets in a digital format eliminates the risk of damage that may occur with physical targets as well as the need for physical storage.
Enhancing the capabilities of the CSC-Tool Digital is the HELLA GUTMANN mega macs series diagnostic devices, specifically the mega macs X.
The mega macs X is a flexible, modular system with advanced diagnostic technology. The CSC-Tool Digital, when used in conjunction with the mega macs X diagnostic device (or other mega macs devices), can easily generate a calibration report which serves as a permanent record that calibration has been carried out in accordance with industry regulations and standards.
HELLA GUTMANN provides flexible licensing options so workshops can choose between purchasing and renting target images based on their needs.

For more information, visit www.hella.com.au