Terrain Tamer says the vehicle is now almost fully serviceable with its parts

Since first being released in 2021, the Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series has built a reputation for combining modern comfort with impressive off-road capabilities.
Boasting confident towing capacity, ample family space and an ability to take on Australia’s harsh conditions, the 300 Series is understandably a popular choice for long distance touring and family trips, which of course creates a need for replacement parts.
Terrain Tamer’s range for the FJA300 has grown in this time to ensure that the vehicle is almost fully serviceable with Terrain Tamer parts.
On offer are all required filters, differential and wheel bearings, radiator hoses, and a range of brake parts including both rubber and braided brake hoses, a choice of OE Replacement or High-Performance disc rotors, and Fortified Brake Pads.
Along with these parts, a Suspension Kit is available, featuring Terrain Tamer Coil Springs and Shock Absorbers, as well as both Front and Rear Terrain Tamer eLocker Kits, consisting of all vehicle-specific Terrain Tamer bearings and gaskets required for fitment of a Harrop Eaton eLocker, as well as the unit itself.
The ELocker is an electromagnetic locking differential with a simple ‘drop-in’ fitting process, which utilises forged Eaton, four pinion internal gears and allows front and rear axles to lock independently, without the use of compressors or air lines.
When unlocked, the ELocker performs as an open differential, best for general road use, transferring extra power to the wheel with the least resistance, and allowing them to rotate at different speeds.
However, when the driver is in low traction situations, such as mud, rock-climbing, or uphill driving, they are able to use a simple in-dash on/off switch.
This activates the electromagnet, pushing the locking pins into position in the back of the side gear and locking the differential, effectively capturing 100 percent of available torque, distributing it equally to both ends of the axle regardless of the difference in traction, and forcing the wheels to rotate at the same speed.
Terrain Tamer explains the ELocker connects using two wires with dust and waterproof plugs, providing simplicity and ease of repair in the event of damage, and uses no consumable parts such as O-Rings, so requires little maintenance.

To view all Terrain Tamer parts available for the 300 Series LandCruiser, visit www.terraintamer.com