X-1R Premium CVT treatment can solve driveline shuddering at a fraction of the cost

X-1R Premium CVT treatment can solve driveline shuddering at a fraction of the cost
Many modern vehicles, including popular 4WDs, SUVs and Utilities, are fitted with Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT).
These transmissions can develop a nasty shudder as they age. Car manufacturers build CVT onto their vehicles because it provides better fuel economy and is supposed to be cheaper to live with.
However, if a CVT is not looked after properly, soon after it begins to move, the driver and passengers will notice a serious shudder, slipping and/or whining, or the transmission may start to smell or leak transmission fluid.
These problems traditionally cost big dollars to fix or replace. But there is an affordable solution, says the team behind X-1R.
It states that its clever scientists, the same ones that have supplied products to NASA, have developed X-1R Premium CVT Treatment – a product that took a year in development.
X-1R Premium CVT Treatment is reportedly scientifically proven to stop shudder, eliminate hesitation, and generally silence noise in CVT transmissions.
X-1R Premium CVT Treatment claims it is suitable for both push belt and chain CVTs and that it will:
• Extend oxidation stability of transmission fluid
• Increase CVT life
• Improve fuel economy
• Dramatically reduce friction
• Reduce transmission wear and tear
• Recondition seals for better leak protection
• Increase torque capacity
• Increase anti-shudder protection
As such, if your customers can’t afford expensive repairs, the team at X-1R says why not try X-1R Premium CVT Treatment at a fraction of the cost. To use, just pour it in and your customer is ready to go.
X-1R advises that this special treatment is for CVT Transmissions only to help stop shuddering and erratic shifting.
X-1R Premium CVT Treatment should also only be administered by a qualified technician.

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