Rob Herrod will be visiting the stand of Shell Lubricants distributor, Lubewise

Herrod Performance Chief Executive Officer, Rob Herrod, has built Ford performance engines most of his professional life.
Over the years, Rob has developed and built many performance Mustangs such as the limited edition Scott McLaughlin car and more recently the very limited edition special Dick Johnson Racing 40 year anniversary model with a supercharged engine and bespoke components producing 800HP.
Rob also collaborated with Ford Australia to build the R-SPEC Mustang, which is an achievement very few have achieved.
“I’ve collaborated with Ford for the build of 500 R-SPEC Mustangs that I built in the Ford plant in Broadmeadows. These vehicles were sold in every Ford dealership in Australia and fully warranted by Ford,” Rob said.
“In the history of Ford only two people have had a collaboration with Ford, in the late 60s it was Carroll Shelby, and then myself in 2020.”
In 2023 Herrod Performance also developed the Gen3 Supercars engine program for Ford and was the official supplier of engines to every Ford team racing in the Supercars series.
The engine developed by Herrod was a 5.4 litre Coyote V8 engine, and in developing the engine, Herrod Performance also exclusively used Shell Helix Ultra motor oil for testings and validation on all cars and spare engines.
Rob only uses Shell Helix Ultra motor oil in the engines and speaks of the importance of lubricating your engine to get the best results, on and off the track.
“I don’t like to cut corners on our cars, and it is the same with all our parts and motor oils,” Rob said.
“When it comes to lubricants for our engines, we have been using Shell Helix Ultra motor oils for many years, and they are the best in the business.”
Engine oil plays a crucial role in ensuring that race engines provide sustained performance by reducing friction, protecting engine parts from wear, and displacing the large amounts of heat generated within the power unit.
Vehicle owners should be aware of the motor oil that their mechanic uses in their vehicle, as motor oils play an integral role in vehicle performance.
The motorsport arena has a long history of being the test bed for Shell’s fuel and lubricant products to see what efficient gains can be transferred to its passenger car road products.
Rob explains that “it does not matter if the vehicle has five kms or 50,000 kms, when it arrives at Herrod Performance, we drain the oil and change it to Shell Helix Ultra 5W-40. This is part of our process, and we do this as Shell Helix Ultra provides ultimate protection and keeps engines closer to factory clean.”
If you would like to learn more about Shell Helix motor oils or Herrod Performance, Rob Herrod will be visiting the AAAExpo across April 11-13 – you can find him at the stand of Shell Lubricants distributor, Lubewise (G05) between 11.00am and 2.00pm.

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