AutoTest delves into the importance of calibration in the automotive testing and diagnostic industry

In the intricate world of workshops, technical expertise is just the beginning; understanding the significance of proper calibration for electronic equipment is paramount.
Today’s modern workshops rely heavily on the regular maintenance and calibration of electronic instruments, using various electronic instruments for accurate assessments.
These instruments, including brake-fluid testers, suspension meters, and brake testers, require meticulous calibration to ensure reliable results. Some may even be rendered unusable without current calibration.
Calibration is essential because the accuracy of measuring devices naturally deteriorates over time due to wear and tear or external factors like mechanical or electrical shock. It guarantees that instruments provide precise measurements, averting costly errors and potential hazards.
Calibration involves comparing the instrument’s measurements to a known standard, typically ten times more accurate than the device being tested.
Measuring devices should undergo calibration according to the manufacturer’s guidelines, after any mechanical or electrical shock, and periodically (annually, quarterly, or monthly). Neglecting calibration can lead to unforeseen expenses and risks, far outweighing the cost of calibration itself.
AutoTest Products
AutoTest is an award-winning Australian-owned manufacturer and distributor located in Kensington, Victoria, specialising in automotive testing and diagnostic products.
It says its NATA-accredited, ISO 17025-certified calibration laboratory, and ISO 9001 manufacturing plant guarantee top-quality products designed and assembled in Australia.
AutoTest’s product lineup encompasses a combined gas and opacity analyser, various AutoStop brake-performance meters, the AutoStop suspension meter, the AutoTest sound level meter, the AutoLight light transmission meter, a brake-fluid tester, and a battery analyser.

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